PG Beavers

Beaver Scout Colony Information

Welcome to Beaver Scouting
In October 2011 PG opened a second Beaver Colony, which is called Littlewick, the origional Colonywhich opened in January 1992 will now be called Winter Hill.

LG - Littlewick meet at the Gilchrist Village Hall, Littlewick Green SL6 3RG, on a Monday from 6.00pm to 7.15pm, during term-time.
WH - Winter Hill meet at our Scout Hall in Winter Hill Road, Pinkneys Green SL6 6NS,on a Monday from 6.00pm to 7.15pm, during term-time.

Beaver Scouting provides the first opportunity for children to join the exciting world of scouting. At Pinkneys Green and at Littlewick Green, the colony meets on Monday evenings from 6.15pm to 7.15pm during term time.

Who are Beaver Scouts?
Beavers Scouts are children between the ages of six and eight years. They meet together as a colony and for some activities are divided into smaller groups called "Lodges".

What do they do?
Beaver Scouts enjoy an informal and flexible programme providing the children with all kinds of activities to HAVE FUN and MAKE FRIENDS!

The Membership badge
When a new child comes along to join the Colony, he will take part in three or four meetings before taking their Beaver Scout Promise and being presented with his World Membership Badge. Parents/carer's are invited to the ceremony.

The Beaver Scout Promise is I promise to do my best to be kind and helpful and love God..

The Beaver Scout Motto is FUN AND FRIENDS

Dropping off and collecting at Meetings Parents/Carer's are expected to leave and collect their childs from INSIDE the Scout Hall. Children must not be allowed to come into or leave the hall on their own.

Parents/Carer's Help at Meetings
Parents/Carer's are asked to help at Beaver Meetings at least once a term. Please talk to Beaver Leader for more details.

As well as enjoying a fun packed programme, a Beaver may also gain the Chief Scout's Bronze award, which is gained after completing 3 challenge badges. There are also several activity badges. Please ask a leader for more details of these badges.

Beaver Scout Uniform
Beavers are expected to wear their uniform at all times. The Beaver Scout uniform is a Beaver Scout Navy Trousers or Shorts, a Pinkneys Green T-shirt, a purple woggle and the Pinkneys Green neckerchief.

(Small PG T-shirts can be purchased from Raksha).

Uniforms can be purchased from Maidenhead Scout Shop on a Thursday evening, for more details Click Here

For more information - see the Group Introduction Booklet

Click Here for PDF Version of Group Introduction Booklet