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This is our last Beaver report of the term and year before we break up for the summer hols and it's been a fab year.

We started our fun outdoors for the summer term by planting a broad bean as part of our theme 'growth'. We made this into a competition by asking the beavers to grow them at home and the first one to 2 metres was the winner. William Fantham was our man followed very, very closely by Jonathan Otun. Well done boys you obviously have green fingers. This was a great activity because it began and ended our 'growth' topic very nicely.

We pitched tents with the scouts, (thank you Simon and boys) which was a great success and it didn't rain this year!! I think the beavers really enjoyed this activity. We also had our Sports evening where the boys competed in 4 events.....Sprint, Egg and spoon, memory game and last but by far the best, Tug of war!! Well done to the yellow team who won and received a badge for great team work! Lets see them on your uniforms next term boys! We had a very kind invitation to the Flew's house and we turned it into a hike, which great fun. The boys, especially Hal, were head to toe in mud but loved it of course. As well as boggy land we also had to cross a fallen down tree which was hugh, the beavers loved climbing over that. We arrived safely at the Barnaby's house where his mum and dad, (Richard and Catherine) layed on a hot dog, drinks and mini rolls for the boys and then they ran off and played. Thank you both for making this evening one to haven't seen the last of us yet!!! We traditionally cooked in the woods again this year and despite my absence the boys didn't let me down, WELL DONE BEAVERS!! This means it will be on the agenda next year. Thank you to Tarka who with Benny helped set up the fire ready for cooking and helped supervise the boys whilst making their own mini fires and melting marshmallows over them.

Last but not least we ended our term with our fFily Camp Fire. It was great! Well done Benny for running it with all those fab songs, we must practice them for next year. Parents and Beavers you were fab too, your participation and the costumes were great! A big mention must go the 'Hutchins family' who not only brought along John Lennon?!?!? ....but also brought a song along too. The who family dressed up and mum sang, Sister played the recorder and dad, aka John Lennon, played the bongo drums! I was very impressed. Thanks guys. We had a couple of special events too that night. Firstly we swam up Connor Armstrong and Hal Forman who completed their moving forward badge with flying colours! Well done boys, you have been lovely Beavers and I am sure you will be great in cubs too. Also I presented them both with the Bronze Award. The is an award given to a Beaver who over their time with us completes different challenges which work towards the Bronze Award. Both Connor and Hal were very deserving of this achievement.

As always though when we say goodbye to some we welcome others and a few weeks ago we invested, Harry Bennett, John Conacher and Peter Marshall, we officially welcome the boys and their families to Pinkneys Green. They proudly said their promise and received they badges to sew on, well done.

Lastly and BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helps make Beavers possible, I couldn't do it on my own. Have a fabulous Summer folks and we will see you back at the hut on 11th September.

Keo (Sheridan Stone)