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Summer Camp 1999 - Brecon
Spare Time Challenge

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The Spare Time Challenges are part of the activities at our Camp in Brecon. Each Scout had a copy in the Camp booklet

The Rules

  • Earn points for yourself and your patrol by completing as many of the activities seen below. Different challenges have different points attached to them, depending on there difficulty.
  • The challenges can only be attempted when it is convenient to your patrol leader and the camp leaders.
  • A leader must witness all challenges. If more then one person is involved then the points will be split equally between the participants. All points reported a Scouter.

The Challenges

Challenges worth 1,2 or 3 points

  1. Sit cross – legged on the ground with your arms folded. Come to a standing position without unfolding your arms or uncrossing your legs (your knees should not touch the floor either) (2 points)
  2. Do a perfect cartwheel (2points)
  3. What kind of animal jumps higher then a house (1point)
  4. As a patrol sing the chorus of as many `Euro Vision` songs as possible, non stop and in unison (2 points per song)
  5. Blindfolded walk 10 paces tap a tent peg lightly into ground, return to your original position, walk back and hammer it in fully (3 points)
  6. Build a house of cards (1 point for each 2cm high it reaches)
  7. Write your full name legibly with a pen held between your toes (2points)
  8. Challenge someone on site to a arm wrestle (1 point for the winner)
  9. Drink a whole pint of water in one go, under 15 seconds (2 points)
  10. Do a unassisted hand stand (2 points)
  11. Stack as many empty water barrels up, in a single pile as possible (1 point for each two high)
  12. Name as many objects as you can that begin with the letter ‘S’ found on site (1 point for every 5 items)
  13. How many words can you make out of the phrase "Brecon Beacons Summer Camp" (2 points of every 5)
  14. Be the first full patrol to fall in each time you are called around the flag pole (2 points for each member of the first patrol, each time called)

  15. Challenges worth 5 points

  16. Identify a species of bird seen at camp (5 points)
  17. How many times does the letter "E" appear in the Scout Law (5 points)
  18. Assemble a jigsaw in under 5 minutes (Jigsaw available from BoB) (5 points)
  19. Make a paper aeroplane that can fly 10 meters (5 points if there is no litter)
  20. Using a skipping rope skip 50 times without stopping (available from Bob) (5 points)
  21. Collect the leaves of 6 different trees (5 points – 15 points bonus if you can name them all)
  22. Get as many members of your patrol to stand on one brick at the same time (5 points per Scout)
  23. Tie as many knots as possible in 2 minutes in 1 piece of rope (5 points per 3 different knots)
  24. Suggest and perform 3 ways to make a patrol site more hygienic (5 points and 15 bonus if you perform the suggestions throughout the week)
  25. Write a prayer for flag down (5points)
  26. Challenge someone from another patrol to a game of squares, the Scout who makes the most squares wins. (5 points for the winner) Play on the grid below, you take it in turns to draw a single line between any two dots, trying to prevent your opponent from making a square. Once you have completed a square, you draw the next line. (It is better if you each have a different coloured pen/crayon)
  27. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  28. Suggest and perform 3 ways that would make Scout camp more "environmentally Friendly" (5points from 3 suggestions, 10 bonus to perform 2 of them)
  29. Juggle with 3 (safe) objects found on site for 10 second (5 points)
  30. As a patrol try to keep a football in the air by volleying it, only using your heads, feet and knees, you are only allowed 3 touches before passing it on (5points for every 10 seconds)
  31. Do 50 push ups none stop without delay (5 points)
  32. Do 100 sit ups none stop without delay (5 points)
  33. Challenge another patrol to a tug of war competition, the best of 5, (5 points to each of the winning patrol)

  34. Challenges worth 10 points

  35. Build and light a fire using only one hand, with the other in a sling (10 points, 5 bonus if the sling is tied correctly, by someone in your patrol)
  36. Construct a water wheel to remove 1 gallon of water from the stream (10 points)
  37. As a patrol, form up with each of you holding the left ankle of the person in front, the rear person holds his own, then skip together down a 50 meter course (10 points)
  38. Light your breakfast fire without matches from the ashes of the previous night fire – but without leaving a large fire on when you go to bed (10points)
  39. Pole vault across a similar distance to the stream, (Area will be marked out by a leader) (10 points),
  40. With a partner both of you blindfolded, successfully fold, hoist, unfurl and lower the flag (10 points)
  41. Challenge a leader or helper to the "The Question Game", the challenge is to ask a leader/helper 20 questions about any subject, without asking a question that can be sensibly answered "yes" or "no" (10 points)
  42. Draw a detailed map of the campsite, including labels and scales, 1 large footstep equals a metre (10 points) (you have automatically passed one element of your Camper Badge).
  43. As a patrol, use a pioneering pole as an aerial torpedo (sketched below). Carry it 100 metres. No Scout may move his feet while in contact with the torpedo (10 points for
  44. For each progress or proficiency badge element passed while on camp (10 points)
  45. Each patrol member) plus a bonus 50 points to the patrol who do it the fastest.

  46. Cook a sausage only using solar energy (10 points)
  47. Estimate to the nearest metre the distance from the village hall door to the flag pole (10 points)

  48. Challenges worth 15 points

  49. Write a report on an activity / Day in camp, for the next PG Tips (15 points)
  50. Make a sundial by putting one stick in the ground then using a watch, place a stone where the shadow falls each hour (15 points)
  51. As a patrol using 4 pioneering poles and 4 ropes only, construct a frame to carry one of the patrol at shoulder height for 10 metres (15 points) A Leader needs to be present when you are carrying the patrol member
  52. Write a sensible programme that can be used at Scouts one evening, must be checked and approved by a leader. It should contain different activities, games training, and consider the timing of flag break and flag down, and when the scouts need to get changed. Scouts runs from 7:00pm until 9:00pm. (15 points or 40 if you write two, one for the summer outside and one for winter inside the hall)
  53. Make the leaders a cup of tea and wash up for them (15 points)
  54. Build a Bivowak from only natural elements found on site (15 points)
  55. Using Morse code etc, communicate a message from the marquee to your patrol area, the messages are available from BoB (15 points)
  56. Stand on your head and drink a cup of water without spilling any of the contents, you may use assistance to hold your legs (15 points)
  57. Write a quiz with a minimum of 20 questions about scouts (15 points)
  58. As a patrol design and make a flag and then build a flag pole for your patrol area (out of 15 points, points will be awarded at the next inspection after construction)

  59. Challenges worth 20 points

  60. Using only 2 pioneering poles move the whole patrol 15 metres, without them touching the ground (20 points)
  61. Find something you can do that a leader / helper can not do (20 points)
  62. Design and run a camp game as a patrol, to be played at camp by the whole troop when convenient to the patrol leaders and leaders (20 points)
  63. Try to light a fire by rubbing two bits of wood together (20 points)
  64. Run a litter sweep of the whole site by your patrol (excluding other patrol areas) (20 points)
  65. Construct a pulley system to raise a leader off the ground (20 points)
  66. Build a stile to cross a fence (20 points)

  67. Challenges worth 25 – 50 points

  68. Floods are coming you have 15 minutes to raise your patrol and kit 1 metre off the ground (25 points)
  69. As a patrol, build a stretcher and safely transport a casualty along a route set out by a leader – the route will include crossing the stream (30 points)
  70. As a patrol build a machine that lowers a bucket into the stream, fills it with water and successfully empties it over a leader on the opposite bank (50 points)
  71. Build a free standing bridge using only four lashing ropes, pictures can be found of a rope less bridge in some books (40 points)
  72. As a patrol perform a short amusing sketch for the camp fire, (i.e. – funny, a particle joke, song, pantomime scene etc) (30 points available, points awarded on effort)
  73. Build a camp oven to bake a potato in (30 points)
  74. Put an amusing caption to each of these cartoons below (50 points available, marked, on humour and originality)

For First Time Summer Campers Only

P.L`s may adjudicate on these challenges, but remember to let Bob know the scores.

  1. With another first time camper, Erect, collapse and pack away a hike tent Within 15 minutes(10 points, also this is a element on your Scout Award)
  2. With supervision light a fire from scratch and boil the water to make your P.L a cup of tea (10 points)
  3. Demonstrate the safe use of a hand axe and bush saw (5points each)
  4. With another first time camper, cook breakfast for your patrol without any help from any of the others (20 points)
  5. Demonstrate how to pack and what you would take in a rucksack for an overnight hike (10 points)
  6. Gain a new proficiency badge (25 points)

Scout Camp to Cornwall in 2000

We are looking for new challenges for Next Years Scout Camp to Cornwall

If you have got any ideas for new Challenges, Please email our Scout Leader Simon at

We would also like to hear any comments you have on this challenges