All the leaders would like to welcome you to your 2002 Summer Camp, we hope you have an enjoyable camp and gain a lot from it. To achieve this it is very important that you keep to the programmed activities and times, this will mean that each Patrol working together with ALL it's members doing their jobs quickly and efficiently (this means properly!).  Please don't question everything that your P.L. asks you to do.



Simon has produced this booklet,

To keep all Scouts and Adults attending the camp fully informed




Please note that whenever you are off site visiting anywhere you will be required to wear your Scout Uniform or Scout PG Yellow Tee Shirt & Scarf & plain shorts, so keep them clean and tidy [They are NOT to be worn whilst in camp (except if told to)].  Your Scout Uniform & yellow PG tee Shirt should be kept on a coat hanger in your Patrol Tent.







Anyone who injures or cuts himself in any way should immediately report to the Camp First Aider (BoB Weingarth) or if he is not available to any Leader for examination and treatment.  Please DO NOT try to treat yourself.




Good behaviour is the key to a successful and enjoyable camp, you really can have a good time without upsetting or hurting others, so please can we see the best from everyone.  If you have any problems with BULLYING or any other major problem in camp by another person - please make sure that you have a quiet word with Simon (or another leader) It will be sorted out discreetly.




NO Scout is to leave the site (includes part of the woods) without the permission of the Camp Leader (Simon). Scouts are only allowed in the stream, if they are supervised by an Adult. The Food Tents, Leaders Tents and Patrol areas other than your own, are Out of Bounds to ALL Scouts.




The lighting of fires by Scouts, anywhere other than on your altar fire Is forbidden. Any Scout caught playing around with fire (including matches, burning toilet paper etc. or playing with sticks in the fire.) will be sent home from camp.  We are only allowed to have Altar Fires if we place them on something, so that the ground is not damaged.

Remember don't play with sticks, in the fire!


Phone Calls

Scouts are not allowed to phone home. 




We will as normal be running this camp under PG Camp Time  (as confirmed by SPL & all PLs at PLC on 16/6/01)

.               All watches to be adjusted to Camp Time

                    B.S.T. Plus 1 hour



      1.       Stand Still

      2.       Fall in around the Flag Pole

      3.       ALL Patrol Leaders - Report to Marquee

      4.       Cooks - Report to Food Tent

      5.       S.P.L’s - Report to Marquee




We will be running a Spare Time Challenge Competition, details can be found at the back of this camp book.





      We will be running the following Competitions:


                1.     Cooking Competition


                2.     Inter Patrol Camp Competition

                                Total of Inspections

                                Total of Meal points

                                Gadgets Made by SUNDAY

                                    [Max 6 different (Not Inc Bowl Stand)]


                3.     Spare Time Challenge's


                4.     Camp Sports






 (i)             Breakfast & Evening Meals will be marked.

                  Lunch will be marked if Patrols are on site.


 (ii)            It is the P.L.'s responsibility to make sure that the Leaders eating with them know what time the meal will be ready.


(iii)            Each Patrol MUST make sure that they have received the Leaders eating equipment that is eating with them.


 (iv)           Scouts at meal Times can (should) use anyone's Eating Utensils in the Patrol.





Patrols are to take their Bread Basket, Tray & 2 Billies [Plus any STANDARD containers to be filled] to the marquee


      Breakfast -          At Flag down the evening before.


      Evening -              If on Site after Lunch / if off site after morning inspection


If Standard containers (Tea, Jam, Sugar Oil etc.) are required to be refilled, they need to be brought when the breadbaskets are left at the Marquee.


Note:        (1)       Brillo's will only be issued one per mealtime - They should last for more than one meal.


                  (2)       25 points will be deducted if basket and containers are not at the marquee by the required time, plus for every Standard container, which are not filled at the correct time.   So ALWAYS check your containers




Each Day one Patrol will be the Camp Duty Patrol. The Duty Patrol will be responsible for:


      1.   Clearing any litter from General Areas, help with the burning of HQ Rubbish

      2.   Organising Flag break [Three Flags].

      3.   Writing (in SPL's Prayer Book) and reading a prayer at Flag break (10 points deducted if no prayer written)

      4.   Lower All Flags at Dusk.

      6.   Help with filling of all WATER CONTAINERS

7.     Checking the condition of ALL toilets (including changing water in hand washing bowls, of leaders/first aid).

8.     Any other requests by the Leaders.



Duty Scouter Duties

   (i)       Wake Scouts Up


   (ii)      Check Duty Patrols Prayer!


   (iii)     Update Notice board with Daily Notices/Yesterday's points


   (iv)     With Duty Patrol:

                   (a) CHECK All Toilets are clean (empty if required [if over half FULL]


                   (b) Change First Aid Toilet & LeaHand washing water and refill with     (Milton).    [Done daily]


                   (c) Burn HQ Rubbish


                   (d) Arrange all water barrels  are full of water


                   (e) Site - General Areas are clear of litter


  (v)       Stay on Site for the whole day.

              (Act as Security & look after all equipment, plus do above)




Cooking Competition - Rules

              1.        Each Patrol has £16.00 to spend; a patrol must spend NO more than 25p over this amount.


              2.        Receipts and a menu must be available for inspection when the judge requests them.(Remember NO receipts and your patrol will be disqualified)


              3.        Spices, Salt, Pepper etc. may be bought from home and do not need to be on your receipts.


              4.        Each Patrol has to provide three courses (Starter, Main, Desert) for all members of your patrol, Remember - the main course has to be HOT the starter can be either a hot or a cold course the choice is up to you on the day.   (Hint - make the meal and drink appropriate to the weather on the day).


              5.        A table cloth and a menu are compulsory, table decorations and other items are at the patrols discretion.


              6.        Remember there are NO OVENS available.  (Unless you make your own!)


7.            The meal must be ready no later than 15 minutes after the set time, but earlier is acceptable.


8.            The three courses must be ready within 30 minutes of the meal ready time


              9.        Washing up points - will be taken off the Main inspection sheet  (between double lines)






      First Three Days -        Full (Hard) Inspection of the whole Patrol Area and Equipment as Per inspection sheets - with Patrol members present.



      Rest of Camp -               Once a day Inspection (Cooking gear will be checked after cooked meals) PLs to be present (Patrol can be doing something else) - Patrol Area / Equipment.  Members will be inspected for Personal Cleanliness at Flag Break.



      Last Day -                       Full Inspection, before Packing Patrol Box, Plus any gear before its packed away and lastly the whole patrol site - with whole Patrol Present.



      Comments Sheet -        The PL (or SPL) will complete a Comments Sheet at each Inspection - telling the Patrol why they have lost points and what to do to correct it.

                                               (Copy in this booklet)



      Timings - Breakfast        Meal Ready 1 hour after food issued (Get fires lit ASAP)


                                                 Inspection 2½ hours after food been issued. Points will be deducted for being late



                              Dinner       Meal Ready 1½ hours after food issued (Get fires lit ASAP)


                                                 Inspection 3 hours after food been issued. Points will be deducted for being late



Note to STOP confusion - the Time (Camp) the food is issued will be on display in Marquee



Water Barrels

           Drinking Water

           To stop problems with insects etc. laying eggs or contaminating water barrels IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that LIDS are kept on water barrels at all times.




All meals will be cooked in Patrols, on their Altar Fires. Wood – can be collected only from the woods behind the Marquee




Be careful coming down the slope.


 Access to woods only via the stile we have provided.





Scouts are reminded that they are NOT to bring Sheath Knives etc. [Clasp knives only with Simon's permission], Matches, lighters, aerosol cans, inflammable liquids, alcohol in any form, tobacco items etc. NO battery-operated items accept a small torch and watch.    Any Scout caught with any banned items, will be sent straight HOME (Via the Train), at cost to your parents.




Please make sure that these are kept clean


The Lids of the Toilets are kept closed, when not in use


Wash your hand after use in the bowl of hand washing water provided


Scouts must not play with water in or around the Toilet Tents


Patrol Cooking / Eating


Patrols will be cooking for them self's, each member of the Patrol will help with the cooking.  At each Meal a Leader and possibly a helper will be eating with them.


Patrols are reminded that they must let the Leader eating with them know 5 minutes before the meal is ready.  Don't forget all meals will be marked as well as personal cleanliness in preparing and eating the meal. (Keep you hands clean, wash them during the preparation of the meal)


If you need help, with cooking a meal, don't hesitate to ask our Food QM John, for some advice.





                                                                           Duty Patrol & Duty Scouter



















































The rules of the site are that there is no noise or running around between

11pm (camp Time) and 7amCamp Time).


Noise is to be kept to a quite talking (You should be asleep)


PLEASE REMEMBER THAT SIMON HAS BANNED MISSIONS – any Scout involved in MISSIONS will be sent straight home





The Tuck shop will normally be open each evening before supper (Only for those Scouts who don't ask "When's Tuck Shop!") This will enable you to buy sweets and drinks.


PLEASE NOTE - There will be NO Tuck Shop on any day, when litter if found on the site!



Notes for Scouts



Patrol Rota's -           Each Patrol will have a Rota; to make sure that the jobs are shared amongst all members of the Patrol (Copy is in this booklet) Points will be deducted from Main Competition if Rota not followed. 



Soap Billies -             Means wiping the outside of billies, Dixie’s, World of Sport (3 gallon Dixie), frying pans etc. with washing up liquid, making sure that it does not go inside of them.



Uniforms -    Uniforms are to be hung correctly, on a metal coat hanger. Uniform includes Scout Shirt, PG Scarf, either Scout trousers or Shorts (folded in half). This is to keep your uniform looking smart.  This year we will be hanging up your Yellow PG Tee Shirt.



Wet Pits -                   This is a device for filtering Washing up water, a bucket that is hung in a tree with approx 2 inches of thick grass.  The grass is to be burnt after the evening meal.



Leaders Cutlery -    Leaders eating Cutlery (Mug, Plate, Dish, KFS) is to be passed to the next patrol after the evening inspection.



Toilets -                       Scouts are not to hang around their Patrol Toilet tents (inside or out)  This is not a play area.  Please keep them clean & Tidy.  Reminder All Scouts MUST wash their hands, after going to the toilet.  This is to stop Scouts getting up set Stomachs. 



Patrol Areas -            As decided by ALL the PL's, NO Scout including PLs are allowed into any another Patrol Area.  If you require to talk to a Scout who is a member of another Patrol, please do it in the general area.  When walking to your Patrol area walk past the other Patrol sites (not through them)


SPL's Area -              This is for the SPL + PL's other Scouts can only go in this area with permission of the SPL (As long as they have completed the work in their patrol area / been asked to do by a leader










    PL               Tom Godfrey

    APL            Nick Bristow

                        Paul McCormack

                        James Kirk

                        Gwil Charles

                        Craig Mitchell






    PL               Oliver Styles

    APL            Phil Howell- 

(a)APL           Chris Wilson

                        Oliver Shell

                        Greg Joys

                        Matt Collins

                        Harry Ayre





    PL               David King

  APL              Andy Wilcox

                        Alex Jones

                        Toby Ayre

                        Nicholas Jennings

                        James Dorrell



   PL                Tom Bennett

APL                James Fairburn

                        Mark Courtier

                        Graham Wolfe

                        Tom Hopkins

                        Gregg Carlyle 

                        Rhys Howell  





    PL               Miles Willett

   APL             Richard Bennett 

                        Luke Hoggarth

                        James Wheeler

                        Chris Mitchell

                        Chris Hopkins







                         Robert Stroud

                        Jon Sayer

                        Andrew Tagg




Camp Leader                          Simon Wheeler

Ast Camp Leader                      BoB Weingarth

Food QM                                  John Bannerman

Equipment QM                     Phill Bristow

Helper                                       Mark Weingarth

                                                Matt Weingarth

                                      Adam Baker


Young Leaders                                    Bryn Charles        ?

                                                                Grant Willett        ?






                                     USEFUL PHONE NUMBERS / ADDRESSES



Police - Alresford              (01962)  733454        Station Road, Alresford, Hants  


Hospital - Winchester        (01962)  863535        Royal Hampshire, Romsey Road, Winchester, Hants


Doctors - Alresford           (01962)  732345        Station Road, Alresford, Hants


Dentists                            (01962)  733173 / 732394 / 733580


Tesco's                             (01962)  749400        Winall Ind Estate,  Winchester, Hants


Lloyds Bank - Maidenhead (01628)  676776        45, High Street, Maidenhead, Berks 

Lloyds Bank - Alresford     (0845)  3030181        9, West Street, Alresford, Hants


Watercress Line                (01962)  733810           The Railway Station, Alresford, Hants   SO24 9JG  (Mrs Parker)


Alton Leisure Centre         (01420)  82772          Chawton Park Road, Alton, Hants


Paul’s Plaice                     (01962)  734111        West Street, Alresford, Hants


Go Carting                        (0870)  6000 601       Eastlee  1 – 1


Target Vehicle Rental Ltd  (01494) 463377         2, Hughenden Avenue, High Wycombe HP13 5SD


Cox Green School            (01628)  629415        Cox Green School, Highfield Lane, Maidenhead SL6 3AX



                                                                                                          * * * *






                                                                           PG Home Contact                                

                                                                           John Brooker                                                                    













Outline Programme



Monday July 22nd

                   10.00                Get Gear Out

                   11.00                Load Lorry

                   12.00                Older Scouts Leave PG Hall

Change Watches to camp Time

                   13.00                Older Scouts Arrive at Site. 

                   13.30                Unload Lorry

                                            Set up Marquees

                   18.00                Evening Meal

                   19.30                Walk around Site

                   23.00                Bed








Tuesday July 23rd

                   7.45                  Get up

                   08.00                Wash & Breakfast

                   09.30                Finish Setting up HQ Area

                   14.00                Lunch

                   15.00                Afternoon Pioneering Activity.  Game when finished

                   16.00                Prepare Evening Meal

                   18.00                Evening Meal

                   20.00                Evening SPL Challenge

                   22.30                Flag Down, Prayers, Supper

                   23.00                Bed & Lights Out


Wednesday July 24th


                   7.45                  Get up

                   08.00                Wash & Breakfast

                   10.30                Depart for SPL Activity

                   14.00                Lunch

                   15.30                Return from SPL Activity

                   16.00                Prepare Evening Meal

                   18.00                Evening Meal

                   20.00                Evening Wide Game

                   22.30                Flag Down, Prayers, Supper

           23.00                        Bed & Lights Out


Thursday July 25th

                   11.00                Younger Scouts Leave Scout Hall


Change Watches to camp Time


                   09.00                Older Scouts - Breakfast.   Allocate sites - Start to set up Patrol Sites.

                   11.45                Younger Scouts Arrive at Site.  Cont to Set up Camp.

                   14.00                Lunch

                   15.00                Flag Break.  Talk about Camp / Rules.

                   15.15                Continue to set up Patrol areas / camp. 

                                            Game when finished

                   17.45                Light Fires / Collect Food

                   19.30                Evening Meal

                   21.00                Patrol Site Inspection.

                   21.30                Evening activity. Walk around local area.

                   22.30                Flag Down, Prayers, Supper

                   23.30                Bed

                   23.45                Lights Out



Friday July 26th

                   07.00                Rise

                   07.15                Light Fires / Collect Food

                   08.15                Wash and breakfast

                   09.30                Flag Break & Inspection



                   10.30                Depart for Coast

                   14.00                Lunch

                   16.30                Leave Coast

                   18.00                Light Fires / Collect Food

                   19.30                Evening Meal

                   21.00                Camp Fire

                   22.30                Supper Bed

                   23.00                Lights Out



Saturday July 27th

                   07.00                Rise

                   07.15                Light Fires / Collect Food

                   08.15                Wash and breakfast

                   09.30                Flag Break & Inspection (Inc FULL Kit Inspection)

                   10.30                Award Training

                   14.30                Lunch

15.30                         Raft Competition

                                      17.30                Light Fires / Collect Wood

                   19.00                Evening Meal

                   21.30                Wide Game

                   22.30                Supper Bed

                   23.00                Lights Out



Sunday July 27th

                   07.00                Rise

                   07.15                Light Fires / Collect Food

                   08.15                Wash and breakfast

                   09,30                Flag Break & Scouts Own –

                                            Full Uniform for PHOTO








                   10.00                Inspection – in Uniform

                   11.30                Prepare for Hike

                   13.00                Lunch

                   14.00                Hikes - Drop off in Patrols

                   19.00                Evening Meal

                   20.30                Patrol Activity

                   22.30                Supper Bed

                   23.00                Lights Out





Monday July 29th

                   08.30                Rise

                   09.00                Wash and breakfast

                   10.30                Leave Hike Site to hike back to camp

                   14.00                Return to Site - Lunch








                   15.00                Spare Time Activities

                   16.00                Cooking Competion

                   20.30                Inspection

                   21.30                Game

                   22.30                Flag Down, Prayers, Supper & Bed

                   23.00                Lights Out



Tuesday July 30th

                   07.30                Rise







                   07.45                Central Breakfast – SPLs to organise

                   08.30                Wash and breakfast

                   09.30                Flag Break

                   10.00                Depart for Portsmouth Dock Yard

                   14.00                Lunch

                   16.00                Return to Camp

                   18.00                Light Fires / Collect Food

                   19.30                Evening Meal

                   21.00                Patrol Activity – Volley Ball Comp

                   22.00                Flag Down, Prayers

                   22.30                Supper & Bed

                   23.00                Lights Out

Wednesday July 31st 

                   07.45                Rise






                   08.00                Light Fires / Collect Food

                   09.00                Wash and breakfast

                   10.30                Flag Break

                   10.40                Inspection                                               

                   11.00                Railway Trip

                   14.00                Lunch

                   15.00                Patrol Challenge

                   17.30                Light Fires / Collect Food

                   20.00                APL’s in charge Evening Meal +PLs Dinner

                   21.00                Inspection

                   21.30                Free Time

                   22.30                Flag Down, Prayers

                   22.45                Supper & Bed

                   23.00                Lights Out


Thursday August 1st  

                   07.30                Rise

                   07.45                Light Fires / Collect Food

                   08.15                Wash and breakfast

                   10.45                Flag Break & Inspection  - Patrol Boxes to be packed

                                            Take down Patrol tents if dry



                                                                  Continue Packing up Patrol Site





                   12.00                Inspection

                   14.00                Swimming at Local Pool

                                            Plus visit to Town

                   16.00                Return to Camp

                   16.30                         Spare Time Challenges (Master Sheet Updated)

                   17.00                Take Marquee down if dry

                   17.30                Patrol B-B-Q

                   18.30                Cont to Break Camp

                   19.30                Inter Patrol Games

                   21.30                Supper & Bed  (Patrols Bivi / hike tents)

                   22.00                Lights Out


Friday  August 2nd

                   07.45                Rise Wash, etc

                   08.30                Central Breakfast

12.0                            Load Lorry






                   14.00                Site Final Inspection

                   15.30                Lorry Leave Site

                   16.00                Leave Site & Depart for Pinkneys Green

Change Watches to BST

                   16.30                Arrive back at Scout Hall

                                            Unload Lorry Put Away all Equipment

                   17.30                Home, Bath, Bed

                   22.45                Supper & Bed


*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * 



                                                                     August Troop Meeting


We will be holding as Normal Troop Meetings During August.


The PLs will be arranging a programme of Activities.


            Meeting Times:       6.50pm to 9.15pm

            Dress:                       PG Yellow Tee Shirt

                                              Plain Shorts

                                              Don't forget a coat/waterproof if wet


            More Details:           Contact your PL

















1.         Camp fire's burning, camp fire's burning Draw nearer, draw nearer

            In the gloaming, in the gloaming

            Come sing and be merry



2.         It's a good time to get acquainted (Tune: Tipperary) It's a good time to know Who is sitting close beside you And to smile and say "hello" Goodbye, glassy stare

            If we all join hands and pull together

            We're sure to get there











            No body loves me everybody hates me

            I think I'll go and eat worms

            Long thin slimy ones, short fat furry ones

            Gooey gooey gooey gooey worms

            Now the long thin slimly ones slip down easily

            But the short fat furry ones stick

            And when the short fat furry ones stick between the

teeth all the juice goes ....



4.         Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes And eyes and ears and mouth and nose

            Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes



5.         She died, she did, she died of a broken rib she did She died, she did, she died of a broken rib she did She died, she did, she did, she died, she died, She did of a broken rib, of a broken rib she died



6.         I'Il sing you jam O Green grow the rushes O What is your jam O Jam is jam and all the same And ever more shall be so


            i)          I'll sing you beans O Green grow the rushes O

            ii)         Pork and beans In a little round tin Source on top and In between

            iii)         Marg, marg, margarine

            iv)        Prunes In a sea of custard

            v)         Roast beef cooked In baby's bath

            vi)        Cocoa in the evening

            vii)        Enos after every meal



7.         If your happy and you know It stamp your feet if your happy and you know it stamp your feet if your happy and you know it

            Then you really ought to show it

            if your happy and you know it stamp your feet


            ii)         Slap your thighs

            iii)         Snap your fingers

            iv)        Shout we are

            v)         Do all five



8.         There was a fly who wanted to roam So he packed his bags and left his home Across the road to the grocery store Where he ... on the ceiling and he ... on the floor He .. on the sugar and ... on the tea

            And if I'd been there, he'd ... have on me



9.         We went to the animal fair The birds and the beasts were there The gay baboon by the light of the moon Was combing his auburn hair

                                    The monkey fell out of his bunk         (bonk!)

                                    Slid down the elephants trunk           (whece!)

                                    The elephant sneezed and fell on           

                                                his knees


            And what became of the monkey, monkey, monkey, etc



10.        Oh Mac Tavish is dead and his brother don't know it His brother Is dead and Mac Tavish don't know It They're both of them dead & they're in the same bed And neither one knows that the other Is dead








11.        My eyes are dim 1 cannot see

            I have not brought my specs with me

            I have not brought my specs with me




            There was John, John making such a pong

            In the stores, In the stores

            There was John, John making such a pong

            In the quartermasters stores


            There were buns, buns bullets for the guns,

            There was cake, cake they brought it by mistake,

            There was gravy, gravy enough to sink a navy



12.        Hold him down you Zulu warrior,

            Hold him down you Zulu chief,

            Hold him down you Zulu warrior,

            Hold him down you Zulu chief, chief, chief. chief


            I ziga zumba zumba zumba

            I ziga zumba zumba zal



13.        He jumped from 40,000 feet without a parachute He jumped from 40,000 feet without a parachute He jumped from 40,000 feet without a parachute And he ain't gonna jump no more


                        They scraped him off the tarmac like a lump of strawberry jam



                        They put him in an envelope & sent him home to mum


                        She put him on the mantelpiece for everyone to see


                        The next day in the NAAFI they had strawberry jam for tea



14.        Leader :            You'll never go to heaven

            Response:       You'll never go to heaven

            Leader :            In Simon's car

            Response:       In Simon's car



            Leader :            'Cos Simon's car

            Response:       'Cos Simon's car

            Leader :            Won't get that far

            Response:       Won't get that far








            You'll never go to heaven in Simon's car

            'Cos Simon's car won't get that far

            I ain't gonna grieve my Lord no more


            I ain't gonna grieve my Lord

            I ain't gonna grieve my Lord

            I ain't gonna grieve my Lord no more


            You'll never go to heaven in a ping pong ball

            'Cos a ping pong ball is much too small


            You'll never go to heaven in a wicker chair

            'Cos the Lord don't want no baskets there


            You'll never go to heaven on Pete's Bike

            'Cos Pete's bike has a large spike


            If you get to heaven before I do

            Then dig a hole and pull me through





15.        Jolly fine song


                                    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

                                    10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

                                    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

                                    10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


                        Get away get away it's a jolly fine song so I'll

                        sing It again











            To market to market went my brother Jim

            When somebody threw a tomato at him

            Now tomatoes are soft & they don't hurt the skin

            But this one it did It was wrapped in a tin


                        A B C D E F G H I J

                        J I H G F E D C B A

                        A B C D E F G H I J

                        J I H G F E D C B A


                        M A I D E N H E A D

                        D A E H N E D I A M

                        M A I D E N H E A D

                        D E A H N E D I A M



16.     Ging gang gooli gooli gooli watcha

          Ging gang goo, ging gang goo

          Ging gang gooli gooli gooli watcha

          Ging gang goo, ging gang goo

          Hayla - hayla shayla - hayla shayla hayla hoo   Hayla - hayla shayla - hayla shayla hayla hoo Shally - wally, shally wally, shally wally


          Oompah, oompah, oompah . . . .



17.     Be kind to your web footed friends

          For a duck may be somebody's mother

          Be kind to your friends in the swamp ...

          Where the weather is always damp

          You may think this is the end,

          Well it is!!!


18.     What do you do with a sleepy camper

          What do you do with a sleepy camper









          What do you do with a sleepy camper

          Ear-lye in the morning

          Wey hey late ye risers

          Wey hey late ye risers


          Wey hey late ye risers

          Ear-lye in the morning


19.     The great old Captain Kirk

          He had ten thousand men

          He beamed them right up to the ship

          And then he beamed then down again


          And when you're up you're up

          And when you're down you're down

          And when you're only halfway up

          You're nowhere to be found



20.     I wear ny pink pyjamas in the summer when it's hot

          I wear my flannel nightie in the winter when it's not

          And sometimes in the spring time

          And sometimes in the fall

          I jump between the sheets with nothing on at all


          Glory, glory, hallelujah!

          Glory, glory, what's it to ya?

          Balmy breezes blowin' through ya

          With nothing on at all


21.        Swing low, sweet chariot,

            Coming for to carry me home,

            Swing low, sweet chariot,

            Coming for to carry me home


          I looked over Jordan and what did I see,

          Coming to carry me home,

          A band of angles coming after me,

          Coming for to carry me home



22.     What shall we do with the drunken sailor?

          What shall we do with the drunken sailor?

          What shall we do with the drunken sailor?

          Early in the morning.


            Hooray and up she rises

            Hooray and up she rises

            Hooray and up she rises

            Early in the morning


          Take him and shake him and try to wake him  . . .














          Give him a taste of a Bosun's rope end  . . .


          Put him in the scupper wi' a hosepipe on him  . . .


          Put him in the scupper wi' a hosepipe on him  . . .


          That's what to do with a drunken sailor  . . .





23.     She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes

          She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes

          She'll be coming round the mountain, coming round the mountain,

          Coming round the mountain when she comes.


            Singing aye, aye, aye ippy, ippy aye,

            Singing aye, aye, aye ippy, ippy aye,

            Singing aye, aye, aye ippy, aye, aye, ippy,

            Aye, aye, aye ippy, ippy aye.


          She'll be wearing silk pyjamas when she comes  . . .


          She'll be riding six white horses when she comes  . . .


          We'll kill the old red rooster when she comes  . . .


          We'll all have chicken and dumplings when she comes  . . .





24.     Cum ba yah my Lord, cum ba yah,

          Cum ba yah my Lord, cum ba yah,

          Cum ba yah my Lord, cum ba yah  Oh Lord cum ba yah


          Someone’s crying Lord

          Someone’s singing Lord

          Someone’s praying Lord

          Cum ba yah my Lord






                               Patrol Box - Equipment Contents


1        Shelf

5        Legs

1        World of Sport + Lid

2        Large Dixies + Lids

2        Frying Pans

1        Wok

1        Set of Billies + Lids (1 Large,Med,Small)

1        Bush Saw

2        Mallets

1        Wet Pit

1        Baby Bath

1        Dixie Washing up bowls

1        Hand Washing up bowl

1        Tray

1        Tea Pot

1        Washing Up Rack

1        Cutlery Rack

1        Chopping Board White

1        Chopping Board Red

1        Plastic Calendar




1        Spatchler

1        Ladle

1        Masher

2        Tin Opener

2        Holey Spoon

2        Fish Slices

2        Washing Up Brushers

2        Large Forks

2        Sharp Knives

1        Whisk

1        Potato Peeler

3        Wooden Spoons

1        BBQ Slice

1        BBQ Fork

1        Small plastic tongs



Spare Eating Equipment

2        Metal Plates

2        Metal Dishes

2        Metal Mugs

3        Knifes

3        Forks

3        Spoons



Food / Equipment Basics

J-Cloth, Sponge Cloth, Brillo's, Washing Up Liquid, Cooking Oil, Jam, Margarine, Tea, Sugar, Salt, Pepper, Tomato Ketchup, Brown Sauce,



Misc Items

Table, 2 Benches, 2 Water Barrels, 2  Wooden Chairs,  Patrol Tent + Ground sheet, Dinning Shelter, green Bucket



                                 Scouts Own


MORNING HAS BROKEN                                               

Morning has broken                                                  

Like the first morning,                                                 Thank you Lord for keeping us safe

greenbird has spoken                                                          through the past night;

  Like the first bird.                                                       Be with us also through today

    Praise for the morning                                             Help us be kind to one another;

    Praise for the singing!                                                      to be patient with one another's

    Praise for them, springing                                                                mistakes

      Fresh from the world!                                            to work hard and enjoy our leisure

                                                                                 Help us to have a happy day together

Mine is the sunlight!                                                   Remembering that we are all your children

Mine is the morning                                                                                                             Amen.

Born of one light

  Eden saw play!

    Praise with elation,

    Praise every morning,

    God's re-creation

      of the new day!

                                                                                 Thank you, Heavenly Father,

                                                                                 For making us as we are;

                                                                                 For hands to work and feet to walk and run

                                                                                 For eyes to see, and ears to hear,

                                                                                 For minds to think, and for hearts to love,

                                                                                 For all the people we know,

                                                                                        and who know us,

                                                                                 And for all those we shall meet as we go

                                                                                                 through life.

THE LORDS PRAY                                                                                                                             Amen.

Our Father in Heaven

Hallowed be Your name

Your kingdom come

Your will be done

On earth as it is in Heaven

Give us this day our daily bread

Forgive us our sins

As we forgive those who sin against us

Lead us not into temptation

But deliver us from evil

For the Kingdom, the power, and the glory are Yours

Now and forever.             Amen.

                                 O Father, we thank Thee for the rest of the

                                 past night, and for all the joys of morning time.

                                 Be present in our camp throughout this day.

                                 Keep from us all evil things; make courage

                                 and loyalty, happiness and good comradeship

                                 to flourish amongst us, and help each one

                                 of us to think of the other's good:

                                 through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Lord, thank you for all the camps we've enjoyed together.

Thank you for all the wonderful memories we have of them.

Thank you for the many friends that we've made in camp and for

the freedom and happiness we found there.

Thank you for the sunshine.

Thank you for the wind in the trees and rain dripping on the tent.

Thank you for food that we cooked, the fires that we made and the

songs that we sang.

Thank you for the worship we shared.

Thank you Lord, that in camp we became like brothers.

Thank you Lord, that in camp you seemed so close to us all.







WHAT?                 Earn points for yourself and your patrol through completing the following challenges: Prizes will be awarded at the end of Camp.


WHEN?              When ever your P.L says it's O.K.


SCORING:           All activities must be seen to be completed by a leader If more than one person is involved, points are divided among participants.  ALL points to be reported to BoB.



Patrol events must involve at least 4 patrol members.


1)       Throw a life line to hit a target 5 metres away (5 points)


2)                     Sit cross-legged on the ground with arms folded.  Come to a standing position without unfolding your arms or uncrossing your Legs (Your knees should not touch the floor either).      (4 points)


3)       Build and light a fire using only one hand, with the other in a sling

          (15 points, with 5 bonus points for someone else in your patrol for tying the sling correctly).


4)       Estimate to the nearest metre the distance from the door of the Village Hall, to the nearest patrol tent as the crow flies

          (15 points)


5)       Using the right hand, throw a ball over the left shoulder from behind and catch it with the left hand.  Then reverse.

          (4 points)


6)       Construct a weather Vain, to show the direction the wind is blowing.

          (15 points)


7)       Write a report of an event at camp (Simon will say which event) for the next copy of PG Tips.      (20 Points)


8)       Do a perfect cartwheel (2 points)


9)       Identify a species of bird seen at camp (5 points each)


10)     Write a Camp Rap to perform at the Camp Fire (10 points)


11)                   Using only two pioneering poles, and without touching the ground, the whole patrol needs to move 5 metres (20 points to the patrol).


12)     As a patrol, using 4 pioneering poles and 4 ropes only, build a frame for one of your patrol to sit on.  Carry him at shoulder height for 10 metres.

          (15 points to the patrol, a leader must be present for safety when you try this),


13)     How many vowels are there in the Scout Law  (5 points).



14)     Clasp a scout staff horizontally in front of you, palms upwards.  Without letting go of the pole climb over it, bring it up behind your back, over your head and down in front of you.  At this point your hands should be twisted outwards.  Without taking your hands off the pole (you can slide your hands along it) lift your right leg round the outside of your right arm and down between your arms.


             This is the most difficult part and you will find it easier if you keep your hands near together.  Slide your hands along the pole as wide apart as you can bring it up past your right knee, over your head and down your back.  Step through it and you should be back in your original position (7 points)






15)     Assemble the jigsaw (available from BoB)  (5 points)


16)     Make a paper aeroplane that can fly 10 metres

          (5 points if done without litter).


17)     Using a skipping rope. skip 50 times without a break

          (8 points)


18)     Find some watercress and make watercress soup (enough for the whole patrol)  (25 points)


19)     Collect the leaves from 6 different trees (5 points)

          (15 points - bonus for naming them all correctly)


20)     The whole patrol forms up, each holding the left ankle of the one in front, with the rear Scout holding his own left ankle.  Hop down a 50m course. (10 Points each)


21)     Name as many objects as you can around the camp-site beginning with  P or G.

          (1 point for each 5 Items named)


22)     How many words can you make out of the phrase  "The Watercress Line"

           (2 points for every 5 words)


23)     Light your breakfast fire without matches from the previous night's fire - but without leaving a large fire when you go to bed

          (10 points)


24)     Get as many members of the patrol as possible standing on, a single brick

          (5 per Scout).


25)     Floods are coming: get all the patrol and all their personal camp kit 1 m off the ground in 15 minutes

          (25 points)


26)     Design and make a flag for your Patrol  (15 points) 

          + 15 points if flown from a flag pole in your patrol area


27)     Challenge someone from another patrol to five games of Noughts and Crosses - winner gets 5 points, if a draw both get 2 points.


29)     The Questions Game the challenge is to ask a leader 20 questions about any subject at all, without asking a question that can be sensibly answered by "Yes" or "No".   (10 points)


30)     Suggest three "Green" ways to make Scout Camp more environmentally friendly. (8 points)


31)     As a patrol, sing the opening lines of as many Christmas carols as you can remember, non-stop and in unison

          (2 points per carol)


32)     As a patrol, build a stretcher and safely transport a casualty along a route set by a leader - the route will involve crossing some objects

          (20 points)










33)     Juggle 3 balls for 10 seconds

          (5 points)


34)     Make and bake a Bread Roll in an oven you have made

          (30 points)


35)     Blindfolded, walk 10 paces, tap a tent peg lightly into the ground, return to your starting point, walk back, and hammer it in fully.

          (10 points)


36)     Build a house of cards

          (1 point for each cm in height it reaches)


37)     For each progress or proficiency badge element passed while on camp

          (10 points each)


38)     Make a sundial by putting one stick in the ground then, using a watch, place a stone where the shadow falls each hour

          (20 points)


39)     Write your full name legibly with a pen held between your toes

          (5 points)


40)     Find something you can do that no leader can do  (Not to do with your size & size of a leader like putting on clothes or getting through a small space) 

          (20 points)


41)     Build a stile to cross a fence

          (15 points)










42)     Challenge someone from another patrol to an arm wrestle

       (2 points for the winner.)


43)     Make a Charcoal Drawing of your Patrol Site

          (15 points)


44)     Make a Map of the Camp Site.

          (20 points)


45)     Build a camp gadget to:


     a)    Dry tea towels, etc (must be more than just a string between two tents)

            (5 points)


     b)    Store all plates, bowls and cutlery

            (20 points)


     c)    Keep a saw safely off the ground and out of the way

            (10 points)



                               FOR FIRST TIME SUMMER CAMPERS ONLY:



P.L.s may adjudicate on these challenges, but remember to

let BoB know the score



1)       With another first time camper, erect, collapse and pack away a hike tent within 15 minutes

          (10 points, this also passes you on an element of the Scout Award)



2)       Solo, light a fire from scratch and boil the water to make your P.L. a cup of tea (10 points)



3)       Demonstrate the safe use of a hand axe and a bush saw

          (5 points each)



4)       With another first time camper, cook breakfast for your patrol without any help from others

          (20 points)



5)       Demonstrate how to pack and what you would take in a rucksack for an Overnight Hike.

          (10 points)




























Pinkneys Green Scout Troop

Scout Hall

Winter Hill Road

Pinkneys Green





Tel:-  (01628)  771 991


email:-  scoutspg@hotmail.com



2002 Summer Camp

Itchen Stoke


 Monday 22nd July  to  Friday 2nd August 2002


.    Printing by Simon Wheeler & Sean, Typeset/Binding by Simon Wheeler, Line Sketches by Scouting, Registered Charity No:300501

                                                                                      Symonds Yat Rock                                                   Pinkneys Green Scouts




                               THANK YOU



I would like to thank everyone who have helped us prepare for this years Summer Camp including all the Parents and friends who have helped us in hundreds of ways.


Especially the following:

David Gray for providing the fieild

Martyn Fielden for sorting out the lorries for Camp

Graham Stroud for driving the lorry to from camp

Chris Howell for driving the lorry back from camp

Ian Wilcox for taking his van down

Michael Hutt and Maidenhead Bait and Tackle (Cookham)



















John Brooker for being home contact

Sean Collins

Neil Wheeler

Trever Bateman

Robin Wolfe

Anne & Jonathan Sayer

Obert Stroud

Andrew Tagg

Derek Noden

Minomi Adejumo

Tony Vickery

Dave Chesterman

Cox Green School

Richard Hall Butcher





Plus all the Leaders and Helpers who camped for the whole Camp; Bob Weingarth,  Phill Bristow Mark & Matt Weingarth  and the leaders and helpers who were able to help for part of the camp; John Bannerman & Adam Baker  .  


They have taken time of to spend time at Itchen Stoke, assisting the Scouts at camp.



Simon Wheeler

Scout Leader

19th July 2002








                Pinkneys Green Scout Group, Winter Hill Road, Maidenhead, Berks  SL6 6NS  

               Tel: (01628)  771 991


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