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Summer Camp 2000 - St Neot, Cornwall

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During the School Summer Holidays 22nd July - 2nd August 2000, forty members of Pinkneys Green Scout Troop Spent ten days camping on a "Green Field" site at St Neot, south of Bodmin Moor, in Cornwall.

The Scouts camped in Patrols, and slept in Storm Haven Patrol tents. Each Patrol cooked their own meals, made up of fresh vegetables and meat, on Wood Fires. The leaders eat with the Patrols.

St Neot 2000 Group Photo

"Green Field" site means the camp is held in a field with no facilities. ie.we had to go to the farm for water, there is no electricity, buildings etc. All we had was the River Fowey, grass to camp on. Trees around the site to get the wood we required to use for cooking.

During the Camp we ran three main competitions:

Spare Time Challenges When any Scout had any spare time (!) they could have a go at completing some of these challenges , over 50 to chose from.

Cooking Competition Each Patrol was given 16, and had to produce a three course meal, cooked on a wood fire.
The Winning Patrol was Panthers PL Grant Willett

Camp Competition This is the Main Competition of the camp. Points were awarded for inspections, meals and the Cooking Competition.

This competition ran for the whole length of the camp and there was hard fought competition amongst the patrols. The Winning Patrol was Cobras PL Lee Baker . Each member of Cobras won a stainless steel pen knife.

The activities Scout did included were:-

  • Rock Climbing
  • Windsurfing
  • Canoing
  • Abseiling
  • Sailing
  • Hiking
  • Visit to the Seaside
  • Visit to the Eden Project
  • Joint Activities with St Neot Scouts
  • Plus Normal Scouting Fun (Activities)

  • St Neot 2000 Eden Project Photo 

Eden Project 

Thanks go to PickfordsRemovals Ltd who supplied us with a lorry to transport all our equipment to and from Cornwall