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Thorpe Park

In the Easter holiday the cubs went to Thorpe Park. The weather was good. We went on a mini bus. When we got there we went on a water ride but we did not get wet. Next we tried to go on Colossus but none of us could because we were not tall enough. So we went on Loggers Leap. All 5 of us went in one boat and this time we got wet. We went on some games and Nicolas won 2 prizes. After that we went on banana boat then to the shop to spend some money. We had lunch with the other groups then we went on the wettest ride the Tidal Wave. To dry off we went on the Flying Fish. Next we went on another wet ride - the Ribena rapids. After going to the sweet shop and Loggers Leap again we all met up and went home. It was a really good day.

Wriiten by Charlie Jones

Carol singing and Parcel delivering

On Wednesday 19th December we went carol singing and delivering good parcels to elderly people in Maidenhead. We split into groups and I went with Tarka, Matt Sharpe and Joshua Beck. We got into the car and met up with Raksha's group at the first home. We sang 'Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem' and the elderly people loved it.

Gavin and Matt delivered the first food parcel. We then went into another home and sang more carols and Joshua and myself delivered the food parcel. After that we went on a long walk to another home and sang more carols and delivered more food. Then we went back to the car and visited another two homes. In total we visited five homes.

It was really good fun and my favourite bit was delivering the food parcel with Joshua Beck. We said Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Pinkney's Green Scout Group. The elderly people were delighted with the food parcels and our carol singing. One of the elderly people we visited was really kind and gave us a kit-kat each.

Our group was the first to get back to the Scout Hall and we did some Christmas drawings while waiting for the other groups to return. t was really enjoyable and I hope we can do it again this year.

Wriiten by Harry Wright

Carol singing and Parcel delivering

Before Christmas about 20 cubs gathered together at the Pinkneys Green Scout Hut. It was a cold night so we all wore warm coats, hats and gloves. We were all given carol sheets and some of us brought torches. We were split into groups and went off in different cars. We met at old people's houses and sang them a carol each and gave a parcel that contained food.

They were very pleased to receive this and listen to our carol singing. We wished them all a Merry Christmas. We spent an hour visiting the old people and then we were all driven back to our Scout hut. This had made us very cold so we all warmed up with a nice hot mug of hot chocolate before our parents collected us. We had a great time.

Wriiten by Jamie Kiddell

Christingle Service

On December 16th I went to Stubbings church for a Christingle service and did a prayer about the three wise men and Jesus. I did it with Matthew and Alex. We all sang lots of songs like three kings of Orient are and while shepherds watched their flocks by night. Then we all got a Christingle, which was an orange with four sticks and a candle stuck in the middle of the orange. On the sticks are four raisins and round the orange is a red ribbon. The orange symbolises the world, the four sticks mean the four seasons and the four Sundays of advent and the red ribbon means the blood of Christ. The candle means the light of the world. So everyone had a Christingle and all the lights were turned off and we all sang hark the herald angels sing.

Wriiten by George Kirk

Learning First Aid

On Wednesday 5th of December, Pinkneys Green cub pack went on a trip to St John's ambulance centre in Maidenhead. We were going to see a working ambulance and learn first aid. First we played a few games before we went inside the actual ambulance. It had a lot of interesting stuff, inside the ambulance were bottles of gases like oxygen and it had two or more stretchers. But the man did not put the sirens on, (I was looking forward to that bit), we learned how to tie a sling, (in case someone had a broken arm) this went around the neck, under the arm and ended with a reef knot! After that we learned how to perform the kiss of life on a couple of models (a baby and a adult), when you breathed into them and pushed their chest down several times they started to breath and it looked as if they were living too! The forty seven thousand volunteers aged six to sixteen who work for St. Johns are called Badgers or Cadets!

Wriiten by James Carter


On Wednesday 12th December 2001 we went to the Town Hall in Maidenhead to see Cinderella the Pantomime. We waited for a bit, then we went into the theatre then waited some more and then it started. When it started we feasted on our snacks - they were very nice. The Cubs and Brownies and general public were there, adults and children.

This was a very different Cinderella with lots of characters who weren't in the traditional story. I think the Demon King was particularly good because he played an evil part and was very convincing and funny. He wore a black cape with red on the inside and a black suit - he looked like an Italian person. He wanted to marry Cinderella because she was beautiful and had special fairy powers. Cinderella's stepmother was his assistant and looked very ghoulish.

After the show the cast lined up by the exit and waved goodbye. I had a great time.

Wriiten by John McCaw


When we arrived at the Town Hall where were going to see the pantomime of Cinderella there was a lot of hassle and noise as a very big number of people tried to get into the theatre room. Then finally once everyone had got in and sat down we had a little wait and then Horary! the show began. The pantomime started when Cinderella's Fairy God Mother read out her lines and told us what situation Cinderella and herself were in.

Then there was a scene where Cinderella was doing some work in the village which she lived in. Then suddenly almost out of nowhere some trumpets sounded and then a prince called Prince Charming started handing out invitations to everyone in the village and told them that the invitation invited them to a grand ball at his palace. Also whilst he was telling Cinderella individually what the invituation was for he looked up at her and asked her if she would also go to the ball with him.

Cinderella replied yes and said that she would defently be there. Then the Prince said that he was looking forward to seeing her later that night at the ball. Then he left. Later that day Cinderella eventually finished her work in the village and headed on home quickly to ask her very very evil aunt if she could have permission to attend the ball that night. But then after all her high hopes and excitement about going to the ball her evil step mother sadly turned down her hopes and said 'no' certainly not and took the invitation straight out of her hand and gave it to her daughters.Without her aunt knowing, her friend gave Cinderella her an invitation, which meant she could go to the ball. The happy end was that she met Prince Charming remet at the balkl and lived happily every after.

Wriiten by Hugh O'Connor

Harvest Festival

On Sunday 30th September I went to the harvest festival service at Stubbings Church with Matthew Coppin. When we got there we were asked if we would like to carry a flag. At first I said no but then I changed my mind. The leaders said there were only speaking parts left. I rushed back to Simon and begged for a flag. "You can carry the Venture Flag, if no Ventures turn up" he said. Luckily no Venture Scouts turned up so I got to carry the flag.

During the first Hymn some Beavers wheeled a wheelbarrow full of food up to the altar. The vicar had a bear hand puppet that called himself Bart, who helped with the sermon. Keo's (A Beaver Leader) daughter called Sian went up and hugged him! There were some prayers red by the Cubs and Scouts and some more hymns.

At the end of the service I carried the flag out to the front of the Church. After the service we all went into the Church Hall for tea and cakes.

Wriiten by Thomas Bunn

Harvest Festival

On Sunday 30th September the Pinkneys Green Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Ventures, leaders and friends attended the annual Harvest Festival At Stubbings Church. The service started with the colours being carried into the church. The Harvest prayers were said by some of the Cubs. After this people took their Harvest goods to the front. The Beavers wheeled their usual wheelbarrow, and this year, as well as the food they had a beaver (their mascot Graeme) on top. The Cubs and Scouts read parts of the bible about Harvest.

The new vicar at the church introduced her bear called Bartholomew who helped with the talk. She spoke about potatoes with eyes and corn with ears which was very interesting. We also sang a number of Harvest Hymns, my favourite being "We Plough The Fields And Scatter,"

The service ended with the colours leaving the church. There were refreshments served afterwards in the church hall. I look forward to next years Harvest festival.

Wriiten by Marcus Fantham

Maidenhead Boundary Walk

On Sunday morning at 11.00Am, we met at Woolly cottage near to the Shire horse centre to start the 2nd half of the Maidenhead Boundary walk. There were 5 cubs including myself, Arkela and some helpers. After the initial registration we set off towards the first check point. We walked for sometime in the woods and had some difficulty finding the A404M underpass which would lead us towards the first checkpoint. We followed the signs but soon had to ask for help, we still couldn't find the underpass but went over a nearby bridge which led us onto the right track towards the checkpoint. We were already tired and hungry so we stopped for our lunch and a drink. In the distance we could see the Pinkneys Green Scout building and the cricket club. We had completed a third of our walk and still had long way to go.

The next path followed the boundary around Pinkneys Green and led onto the Cookham Road. This time we read the instructions and followed the yellow arrows on the path so did not get lost. At the 2nd checkpoint we stopped for a drink and a biscuit. I was thirsty and had 3 drinks. With one third remaining to the finish we quickly followed the path which led to the flood relief works. It was very muddy and we had to stick closely to the route so that we did not get lost. Eventually we found Lower Cookham Road and it was then straight forward towards the finish. We were all now feeling very tired and looking forward to the to a rest.

The last section was the longest but we soon saw some people who had just finished and we knew the finish was not very far away. We went into the car park and found the finish tucked away in a corner. At last we had finished!! We all received a Mars bar, a certificate and a drink of orange squash. We all had such a good day at the walk and look forward to next year.

Wriiten by Gavin Craig

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Cub Camp

We arrived on Friday afternoon at 6.30pm. Then we played games for the rest of the night. On Saturday morning we did some activities like First Aid and Safety in camp towards our badges. We did 6 of them. Each lasting twenty minutes. In the afternoon we went to different field to play sports for our badges. This was my best cub camp. Then for the rest of the afternoon we had quite time. On Sunday we did our badge ativities again and then after lunch we helped take down our tents. After that we had this obstical course with water. It was great fun.

Wriiten by Stuart Shepherd

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Cub Camp

On Friday 7th September we went to Berkshire College of Agriculture for our weekend camp. When we arrived the tents were already up. We took our bags in to the white tent. Then Akela told us were to put our bags. Then we played games until it was getting dark. We had cocoa and went to bed.

On Saturday we got up, got dressed and went to breakfast. Thenwe tided up and cleaned our teeth. We split into groups for our activities. These were rope tying, tent pitching, first aid, canes, compases and planning a day out. After lunch we were allowed our sweets. The sixers and seconders had to make something for grand howe. Then we went to grand howe. Then we got wood ready for the fire. We had supper and made up plays.

On Sunday we finished our activities and played on some slides. We had grand howe and went home
It was great

Wriiten by Matthew Sharp

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The District Cub Day

On Sunday 17th June, more than 180 cubs and Beavers met for a fun day at Altwood School. We had so many activities to choose; we didn't know what to do first. Fortunately, our leaders did and they managed to get us organised. The best bit for me was the rock climbing and I also enjoyed the work to gain two more badges in map reading and nature studies. As well as all of the sports activities, there were arts and crafts on offer too. I made a paper hat and two juggling balls. There was a bouncy castle, which was really bouncy! We also tried the parachute (not where you jump out of a plane!) and played cat and mouse with it. We then played with a big red and yellow striped ball. At the end of the day, we were exhausted, but we'd had a great day, meeting new people, learning new things and working in teams. All in all it was a really fun day.

Wriiten by James Rutherford

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The District Cub Day

Lots of Cubs from Pinkneys Green Cub Pack went to the District Activity day including lots of other Cub packs like the 9th, 21st and Cookham. There were lots of activities like working for your nature badge, going to see the tree warden, the assault course, climbing the climbing tower and the bouncy castle which was my favourite. There were two badges that the cubs were working towards which were the nature badge and the map-readers badge. I was pleased to find I got them both. To get the nature badge you had to draw 6 pictures of leaves, 6 pictures of creepy crawlies and 6 pictures of flowers. To get the map-readers badge you had to build a hill using a stick and some pieces of card and then draw yours on a piece of paper. Also you had to learn how to use a compass and answer some questions about what signs are what on a map. Everyone had a good day and I can't wait to go again next year.

Written by Alex Robins

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The Cricket Competition

Our cricket tournament was at Altwood School on Sunday 10th June. When we first arrived, Akela told us what teams we were playing against in the tournament. We had two overs each for each round; there were 6 boys in a team. We first played Pinkneys Green 2 team and beat them to go through to the next round. It was a cold day being exposed at Altwood playing fields so we had to keep moving to keep warm. We then played Bray and Holyport and also beat them. We were on our way to being in he final. It was getting late and we were in the final playing against 19th Maidenhead. They were a hard side and were determined to win against us. The score was 46 runs each but they beat us by 2 wickets. We were all demoralised, but we shall try again next year.

Written by Alistair Goldsmith

Reports written by members of Pinkneys Green Cub Scouts