PG JOTI and JOTA 2019

Cub Communicator Details We will be doing the Cubs Communicator Badge and Scout Radio Communicator Badge on Saturday 19th October AT 10am or 2pm and Sunday 20th October 10am. This is open to all PG Cubs and Scouts, plus Cubs and Scouts from other Groups in Maidenhead's
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Scout Radio Communicator Details

For 2019 Photos - we hope will be updating throughout the weekend

JOTI 2019

JOTI - Jamboree on the Internet 2019

During the weekend we will be updating these page with Photos of the event

We hope you'll join us for a chat. We will be online all weekend, Friday 18th to Sunday 20th October 2019
Alternatively send us an email. Our e-mail address for JOTI this year is

The 2019 Jamboree On the Internet (JOTI) event will be the 23rd JOTI since the World Scout Committee's decision that JOTI should become an official international Scouting event. Last year we opened our doors at 9am and everyone started to arrive and use the internet. We used Internet chat, Web site browsing and E-mail exchange with Scouts in countries all over the world. There were over 200 Countries were taking part and whilst we didn`t make contact with all the countries we did manage to talk to or contact Scouts from 23 foreign countries including countries in Europe, New Zealand, Australia various parts of Russia and the USA.

It was an impressive feeling when you were actually looking at and chatting with Scouts from the other side of the world!

If you have time pop into our Scout hall over the weekend and have a go yourself

PG cam

A picture taken at a previous JOTI

Last year, we were on line for just under 30hrs
We had over 150 visitors to our Scout Hall and made contact with Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Leaders from all over the world including:- Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada & Europe.

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2019 (Photos will be updated during the weekend)

JOTA - Jamboree on the AIR 2019

It is time for PG to join the annual Jamboree-On-The-Air (JOTA), using our special call sign GB0PG.

This event will take place at the Scout Hall over the weekend 18th and 20th October 2019. For new members JOTA gives ALL our members, parents and friends the opportunity to talk to other Scout Groups around the world - just like a real Jamboree but without the traveling!

We will have a team of Radio Amateurs, who will be setting up a number of stations at the Scout Hall and we hope to make some very interesting contacts during the weekend. At previous JOTA's we have been able to talk to stations as far away as USA, Canada, Australia and Falkland Islands. At past JOTAs we spoke to the following countries England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, USA, Finland, France, Greece, Holland, Luxembourg, Italy, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Sweden.
Cubs & Scouts from PG and other groups in Maidenhead will have the opportunity to pass their Communicators Badge.

Everyone is welcome to come and join in the fun. SEE YOU THERE!

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A view of our Scout Hall taken at previous years JOTA
showing the Radio Masts for JOTA.

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2019 (Photos will be updated during the weekend)