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Photo's Summer Camp 2001

Friday 20th July to Wednesday 1st August 2001

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Flag Break

Flag Break 2001

Getting ready to go Canoeing

Prepair Canoeing 2001


Canoeing 2001

Building a Raft

Raft building 2001


Rafting 2001

Prepair to Abseil

Prepair Abseil 2001

Abseiling and Climbing

Abseiling 2001

Cobras Patrol

Cobras Patrol 2001

Eagles Patrol

Eagles Patrol 2001

Falcons Patrol

Falcons Patrol 2001

Panthers Patrol

Panthers Patrol 2001

Swifts Patrol

Swifts Patrol 2001

Prepairing for Hike

Preparing for hike 2001

Water Slide

Water Slide 2001

Tuck Shop

Tuck Shop 2001

Unit = Pancakes on Tins

Unit Pancakes 2001

Unit Teaching Knotting Skills

Unit knoting Skills 2001

Banquett with the Unit

Banquett with Unit

Camp Sports- Caber

Camp Sports Caber 2001

Camp Sports - Shot Put (Tin Beans)

Camp Sports Shot Put 2001

Camp Sports - Water Relay

Camp Sports Water Relay 2001

Birthday in Camp

Birthday in Camp 2001

Zip Wire

Zip Wire 2001

Team Challenge Course

Team Challenge Course 2001

Team Challenge Course

Team Challenge Course 2001

Tree Challenge Course

Tree Challenge Course 2001

Big Pit Old NCB Mine

Big Pit 2001

Big Pit Going Under Ground

Big Pit 2001

Big Pit - Train

Big Pit 2001

Camp Fire

Camp Fire 2001

PLs getting lunch ready

PLs doing Lunch

Patrol Cooking

Patrol Cooking 2001

Cooking for Cooking Competition

Cooking Competition 2001

Cobras Cooking Competition Winners

Cook winners 2001

SPL Doing his Washing

SPL Doing his washing 2001

Troop Photo

Troop Photo 2001

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Borough Bus

Borough Bus 2001

Sun Set

Sun Set 2001

Veiw of the Site from A40

Veiw Site from A40 2001