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Troop Weekend Camp - 4th to 6th May 2001


Fourty- Four members of the Troop had a good camp at Chalfont Heights Camp Site.

The weather was cold with a few light showers

Can we thank SPL Grant Willett and the PLs Lee Baker, Phill Page, Andrew Tagg, Robert Stroud for organising and running the Camp.

Plus all the Leaders, helpers, parents and friends who help with this years camp

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Below are some pictures of the patrols sites

Chalfont Site 2 Chalfont Site 3 Chalfont Site 4 Chalfont Site 5 Chalfont Site 6

Troop Camp - Swifts Patrol

We arrived at the campsite at 5:45pm It was quite a warm evening. When I went to my patrol site I found that I was not the first there, all the other Swifths were there, well Miles wasn't there… of course. Before I could put my bag down it was time to put up the tent, we had a little trouble putting the pegs in the dry ground but we got there in the end and the same with the dining shelter. Then it was time to open the patrol box, start a fire and get out our sleeping bag and in a number of hours it was time to go to bed.

We woke up to a cold morning, we got out of our sleeping bags then got dressed.

Before we did any thing else we got a fire going, and cooked breakfast. After we had cooked and eaten breakfast and washed up it was then time for a wash and an inspection. By the time that was finished and we had, had our lunch it was time to start activities such as orienteering and pioneering. We also learnt about and used bush saws, had axes and pen knifes and then fire lighting. Then it was time to start the cooking comp our patrol cooked for starters prawn cocktail, the main course was sausage stew mixed with carrots and onion with mashed potato and then for afters we had stewed apples with peaches and merangues. By the time we had finished our meal and washed up it was starting to get dark so we went played Grant's why game. It was a very good game because one person on the other team had hidden the barrel and didn't tell any body they had it so no body know what team had it. After the game every body was tired so we fell asleep easy.

The next morning we ate breakfast took down the tent and dining shelter and packed our stuff away and loaded the van. We ate our lunch and had a final photo and left the campsite thinking if we had this much fun this weekend how much fun we will have at summer camp?

Written by Paul McCormack

Cick here for Troop Camp Photo's