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Summer Camp 1999 - Brecon Scout Booklet

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1999 Summer Camp forty members of PG spent 10 nights camp in Wales near Brecon - follows is an extract of the Camp booklet each Scout received:


Camp Site

 All the leaders would like to welcome you to your 1999 Summer Camp, we hope you have an enjoyable camp and gain a lot from it. To achieve this it is very important that you keep to the programmed activities and times, this will mean that each Patrol working together with ALL it's members doing their jobs quickly and efficiently (this means properly!). Please don't question everything that your P.L. asks you to do.


Please note that whenever you are off site visiting anywhere you will be required to wear your Scout Uniform or Scout Tee Shirt & Scarf & plain shorts, so keep them clean and tidy [They are NOT to be worn whilst in camp (except if told to)].


Anyone who injures or cuts himself in any way should immediately report to the Camp First Aider (BoB Weingarth) or if he is not available to any Leader for examination and treatment. Please DO NOT try to treat yourself.


Good behaviour is the key to a successful and enjoyable camp, you really can have a good time without upsetting or hurting others, so please can we see the best from everyone.


NO Scout is to leave the site without the permission of the Camp Leader (Simon). Scouts are only allowed in the stream, if they are supervised by an Adult. The area around the Food Tents, Leaders Tents and Patrol areas other than your own, are Out of Bounds to ALL Scouts.


The lighting of fires by Scouts, anywhere other than on your altar fire is forbidden. Any Scout caught playing around with fire (including matches, burning toilet paper etc. or playing with sticks in the fire.) will be sent home from camp.

Remember don't play with sticks, in the fire!


Tuck shop will normally be run each evening before supper (Only for those Scouts who don't ask "When's Tuck Shop!") This will enable you to buy sweets and drinks.

NOTE - There will be NO Tuck Shop on any day, when litter if found on the site!



We will as normal be running this camp under PG Camp Time

All watches to be adjusted to Camp Time

B.S.T. Plus 1 hours


SPARE TIME CHALLENGES (click to view challenges)

We will be running a Spare Time Challenge Competition, details can be found at the back of this camp book

Field Telephones

We will be using some Ex Army Field Telephones for communications. These Phones are not toys and are only to be used for valid communications from Patrol Sites to HQ. Please MAKE SURE that you ALWAYS replace the hand set.


1. Stand Still
2. Fall in around the Flag Pole
3. ALL Patrol Leaders - Report to Marquee
4. Cooks -
Report to Food Tent
5. Duty P.L & ALL Leaders to Marquee



We will be running:
1. Cooking Competition
2. Inter Patrol Camp Competition
Total of Inspections
Total of Meal points
Gadgets Made by Monday
[Max 6 different (Not inc Bowl Stand)]
Cooking Competition
3. Spare Time Challenge
4. Camp Sports
5. APL & Patrol Trading Post

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(i)Breakfast & Evening Meals will be marked.

Lunch will be marked if Patrols are on site.

(ii)It is the P.L.'s responsibility to make sure that the Leaders eating with them know what time the meal will be ready.

(iii)Each Patrol has 2 plates, dishes, mugs, Knives, forks & spoons for the leaders who are eating with them. Points will be lost if any of these items are/go missing.

(iv)Scouts at meal Times can (should) use anyone's Eating Utensils in the Patrol.


Patrols are to get their Bread Basket, Tray & 2 Billies [Plus any STANDARD containers to be filled] to the marquee

Breakfast - At Flag down the evening before.

Evening - If on Site after Lunch / if off site after morning inspection

If Standard containers (Tea, Jam, Sugar Oil etc.) are required to be refilled, they need to be brought when the bread baskets are left at the Marquee.

(1) Brillo's will only be issued one per meal time - They should last for more than one meal.

(2) 25 points will be deducted if basket and containers not at the marquee by the required time, plus for every Standard container which are not filled at the correct time. So ALWAYS check your containers


Scouts are reminded that they are NOT to bring Sheath Knives etc. [Clasp knives only with Simon's permission], Matches, lighters, aerosol cans, inflammable liquids, alcohol in any form, tobacco items etc. NO battery operated items, except a small torch and watch. Any Scout caught with any banned items, will be sent straight HOME (Via the Train), at cost to your parents.


Each Day one Patrol will be the Camp Duty Patrol. The Duty Patrol will be responsible for:

1. Checking the condition of ALL toilets (including changing water in hand washing bowls, of leaders/first aid).

2. Organising Flag break [Three Flags].

3. Writing (in SPL's Prayer Book) and reading a prayer at Flag break (10 points deducted if no prayer written)

4. Lower All Flags at Dusk.

5. Clearing any litter from General Areas, burning HQ Rubbish (On Own Patrols fire)

6. Help with filling of all WATER CONTAINERS

7. Any other requests by the Leaders.

Duty Scouter Duties

(i) Wake Scouts Up

(ii)Check Duty Patrols Prayer!

(iii)Update Notice board with Daily Notices/Yesterday's points

(iv) With Duty Patrol:

(a) CHECK All Toilets are clean (empty if required [if over half FULL]

(b) Change Leaders/First Aid Toilets Hand washing water [Done daily]

(c) Burn HQ Rubbish

(d) Arrange water barrels (HQ) are full of water

(e) Site - General Areas are clear of litter

(v) Stay on Site for whole day, (Act as Security & look after all equipment)

 Water Barrels

Drinking Water

To stop problems with insects etc. laying eggs or contaminating water barrels IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that LIDS are kept on water barrels at all times. Don't waste water as we have to go approx a mile to fill the barrows.

Cooking Competition - Rules

1.Each Patrol has 16.00 to spend, a patrol must spend NO more than 25p over this amount.

2.Receipts and a menu must be available for inspection when the judge requests them.(Remember NO receipts and your patrol will be disqualified)

3.Spices, Salt, Pepper etc. may be bought from home and do not need to be on your receipts.

4.Each Patrol has to provide three courses (Starter, Main, Desert) for all members of your patrol, Remember - the main course has to be HOT the starter can be either a hot or a cold course the choice is up to you on the day. (Hint - make the meal and drink appropriate to the weather on the day).

5.A table cloth and a menu are compulsory, table decorations and other items are at the patrols discretion.

6.Remember there are NO OVENS available. (Unless you make your own!)

7.The meal must be ready no later than 15 minutes after the set time, but earlier is acceptable.