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Monday 23rd December 2002 - Monday 13th January 2003

This web page is part of the Pinkneys Green Scouts web site We are based in Maidenhead, Royal County of Berkshire in the UK. We have five Scouts Lee Baker, Phillip Page, Luke Hoggarth, Chris Wilson and Oliver Styles (Click Here for a Photo of them) attending the Jamboree as part of the Royal Berkshire Unit of 36 scouts and four leaders

Follows is a brief outline of what they have been doing since they left on 23rd December - with a few Photos

Royal Berkshire Jamboree Unit in Thailand
Royal Berkshire Unit in Thailand - Click on photo for larger picture

Monday 13th January 2003

The Berkshire Unit arrived back on UK soil at 5.45am this morning. They have all returned home for a rest before returning to school, college or work.

Sunday 12th January 2003

The final day in Singapore, before the PG 5 return to Maidenhead.

Postcard from Phil Page - Received 10/1/2003

Hi Simon
Having a great time here
at the jamboree, the site
is massive! The weather
is really good. I'm really
looking forward to going
to Singapore.

Time in Singapore

Thursday 9th - Saturday 11th January 2003

The Unit are now in Singapore, they are staying in a hotel. They will be visiting local places of interest (on a sight-seeing trip) as well as having a well earned rest.

Wednesday 8th January 2003

Today the Unit left Thailand and have flown to Singapore. They are expecting to find a tropical storm when they arrive.
They did not go to the Philippines for home hospertality as planed, due to the political situation (On the recommendation of HM Government).

20th World Scout Jamboree Draws to a Close

Tuesday 7th January 2003

The 20th World Scout Jamboree Draws to a Close
Today the morning started with the Unit demolishing their camping area. This evening the Unit took part in the closing Ceremony, which was excellent, they all enjoyed playing the part they played

20th World Scout Jamboree Draws to a Close

Monday 6th January 2003

Today the unit did our community service. We went to a school and cleared a long open drain. We also laid some concrete. We were given home made gifts from the children such as shells decorated with the kids names on. It will be a challenge to bring back in one piece. It is still very hot. The evening there was a special Sub Camp Activity.

Hands from around the World

Message from Lee Baker - 5/1/03

Having a brilliant time but managed to get sunburnt today.

The trip in to the jungle was brilliant, but managed to walked into an army of red ants and got bitten all over. Its quite painful.

Gate Way to Royal Berkshires Site
Gate Way to Royal Berkshires Site - Click on photo for larger picture of Unit

Sunday 5th January 2003

Today was very HOT. It was the last day of full activities. The Scouts had a free day and went around the Jamboree Site and were able see various displays and take part in some activities. This evening the Sub Camp prepared for the closing ceremony (Which is on Tuesday).

India Display

Saturday 4th January 2003

Today the Berkshire Unit took part in the activity - Face the Waves. This is a program at the beach that allows Scouts the ability to experience many different water activities. which were enjoyed by everyone, especially as it is so hot in Thailand. The evening was spent with groups from Africa, Thailand and Sweden. They show each other a typical troop night, which they found interesting. The other groups spoke very little English. However the African Scouts sing "God Save the Queen" at the end of their meetings!

Beach at Sun Set

Friday 3rd January 2003

Today the five PG Scouts went and hiked in the Thai Jungle and up the mountain, this was an interesting experience. A short way up the mountain they looked back onto the Jamboree site. It was first time that they had been able to looked down on to the site as a whole.

On the Mountain

Thursday 2nd January 2003

Today Patrols went and discovered more about the World around us in the Global Development Village.

Within the Jamboree site

Wednesday 1st January 2003

Today they were up by 7am and celebrate the UK New Year on the beach. They had a lot of free time, to do what they like within the Jamboree Site. In the evening the whole site took part in a Inter religious Celebration in the central arena, plus saw the Loi Krathong festival on the main reservoir. Each Unit has made their own Krathong out of Banana leaves and petals which will be lit and floated as part of the festival.

New Years Eve Cellibrations in Central arena

Tuesday 31st December 2002

The Berkshire Unit activities included spending the morning preparing gastronomic delight, Bangers and Mash. They also went round the other groups (Countries) to see what their traditional dishes were, after lunch in the sub camp they held a New Year fair, which would include Royal Ascot racing. In the evening everyone took part in a New Year Celebration in the central arena.

Floating in a pond

Message from Lee Baker - 30/12/02

Having a great time, it is very hot. It's hot even for the local people, not too sure if I got a tan because of being covered in dirt.

Everyone here is so very friendly.

We spent Christmas day on the beach, we hadn't even realised it was Christmas day until an American tourist spoke to us in the hotel lift and wished us all a happy Christmas.

The Beach at the Jamboree Site

Monday 30th December 2002

The Berkshire Unit took part in activities in Patrols. They went off site, for day trips. This included a visit to an agricultural college. They were shown how they sort out agricultural problems, plus they were shown how compost was made. In the evening we were able to look around the Jamboree site (which they found was a huge site) and talk (or try to) with the other Scouts, from around the world.

Message from Phil Page - 29/12/02 at 6.15pm Thai Time

Hi Everyone,

I am at the jamboree site now, its massive!! We had the opening ceremony last night apparently it was on tv so i don't know if you saw it?

The activities started today, so we done some rope courses which involved get really wet!!

Have a good new year,



Sunday 29th December 2002

Today the Global Development Village opened, the Unit took part in activities, with water, which included rope courses which involved get really wet. They also went to the world of Science which included Computers and Robotics, Information and Communication Technology, Life Sciences, Earth and Universe.


Saturday 28th December 2002

The PG Scouts in Thailand took part in the 20th World Jamboree Opening Ceremony. The 24,000 participants paraded from their camping areas to the central area. There were displays, speeches, the Jamboree Song and traditional Thai displays. There was also a procession of the national flags, a UNESCO video on Share Our World, Share our Cultures.

Thailand's Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn presided over an opening ceremony that included a large-scale demonstration of traditional Thai martial arts and scenes from the drama Ramayana, the 400-year-old Indian epic about war and love. To the strains of the Thai Navy Orchestra, two elephants wearing glittering headdress's and escorted by lavishly costumed handlers marched onto the stage to declare the Jamboree open.

Opening Ceremony Opening Ceremony

Friday 27th December 2002

The Berkshire Unit left the hotel they were staying in and travel to the Jamboree Site and set up their camp within their Sub Camp. The Jamboree site is very well equipped site next to a beautiful sandy beach, which has watchtowers for lifeguards strategically placed along the whole beach.
Entrance to Jamboree Site

Message from Phil Page - 27/12/02

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a good Christmas!!

Hope you are enjoying your holidays without us, not missing us too much I hope!! Just to let you know that we area having a really good time the weather is really good here.

The other night we had a big party with live music etc.. We have also been on a klong, which is a boat trip around Thailand.

The hotel is really nice, big pool, nice beach etc...

Thanks To everyone who helped us to get here.

Have a good new year.



PS - Postcards will be in the post shortly!!

Wednesday 25th / Thursday 26th December 2002

Christmas Day they had a party. In the evening, they were transported from the Hotel by 250 taxis, up to a massive conference center. Father Christmas came, and they had a massive party (with all 2,500 UK contingent members), lasting until 12:30, then they returned home in the taxis again.

Boxing day they had tours into Bangkok. After a 4 hour coach ride, they went on a water tour, up the main river. This was followed by a visit to the Temples, and the very very big reclining Bhuda. They then proceeded to walk to the Royal Palace, which were beautifully decorated. The evening they went to the largest restaurant in the world for Dinner, food included traditional Thai dishes. a lot were fish. Then they went back at the Hotel for a good nights sleep
Special Meal with 2,500 other UK Scouts

Tuesday 24th December 2002

The Berkshire Unit arrived safely in Thailand. They are stayed at the Ambassador City Hotel - The Ambassador City Jomtien is one of the world's largest resort hotels with easy access to the beach. Overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, the hotel is situated on 40 acres of prime beachfront property on Thailand's east coast

The hotel is very very posh, and they have let 2,400 scouts loose in it. After they arrived they went straight for one of the 5 pools, which they put to good use

Hotel the Berkshire Unit are staying in
Hotel the Maidenhead Scouts are Staying in

Monday 23rd December 2002

It was very hot and humid, much as we expected, so the sun hats, shades and sun cream came in very handy.

The programme so far has been relatively lax to allow Units to settle in and acclimatise to Thailand. Tomorrow the programme includes some Units going off to spend a day in Bangkok. The Christmas Eve celebrations included a candle lit carol service on the beach at the Ambassador City. The Unit had a special Christmas meal as well as a huge party where most of the UK Scouts (Who are also staying in the same hotel) attended

Home Hospitality after the Jamboree, they will now be going to Singapore

The Berkshire Unit meet at 5.45am on Monday 23rd December 2002 at Ryeish Green Leisure Centre. They left for the 20th World Scout Jamboree in Thailand at 6.30am after TV interviews and photos. They were seen off by their families and friends

Follows are a few Photos of there departure

Maidenhead 15 Scouts going on World Jamboree in Thailand
15 Scouts from Maidenhead District

Berkshire 36 Scouts going on World Jamboree in Thailand
36 Scouts who are the Berkshire Unit

PG Scouts Who had a birthday on Departure Day - 23rd December 2002
PG Scouts Who had a birthday on Departure Day - 23rd December 2002

PG Scout presenting a framed xmas card signed by the berkshire contingent to the County Commissioner
PG Scout presenting a framed xmas card signed by the Berkshire contingent to the County Commissioner

Scouts Inc PG one getting on coach for Heathrow going to Worls JAmboree in Thailand
Scouts Inc PG one getting on coach for Heathrow

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Five PG Scouts going to World Jamboree in Thailand
Five PG Scouts Represented PG
at the World Jamboree in Thailand

. . . . Lee Bakers Dairy - Thailand Jamboree Christmas 2002 . . . .

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