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The following were members of the Unit, when it closed in Aug 2002:
  • Pete Bristow - Chairman
  • Lee Baker
  • Bryn Charles
  • Phillip Page
  • Grant Willett

Pancake Evening - 15th February 2002

Grant Willett, Phillip Page and Jon Corbitt joined the Scout to make Pancakes and play games

Night on the Town - 10th February 2002

On Sunday 10th February 2002 the ventures had a 'night on the town', well almost. Jon organised the activity as nothing else had been planned for the half term break.

We ate a huge 3 course meal of starter, sals, pizza and Deserts at Pizza Hut and took advantage of their unlimited drinnks refills deal. We had a really good table by the windows, so we could watch the world go by as we ate and drank. By the end of the meal we could hardly move, and had driven up a bill of 102, but this wasn't so bad as due to one of us working at Pizza Hut we got a 50% discount.

After the meal we moved onto next door to watch Monsters Inc. at UCI, we were bang on time for the film after eating, we went into the cinema found some good seats and reserved them, then went back out to get drinks and popcorn for the film. The film was very funny and we all enjoyed it.

There were 7 members of the unit and 2 of the older scouts that csame to the meeting and we all had a really good time, looking forward to the next meeting!

New Year Meal - 20th January 2002

Peter Bristow, Tom Byrne, Grant Willett, Lee Baker, Phillip Page, Lizzie Sudbury, Bryn Charles and Jon Corbitt went to the Golden Ball, Pinkneys Green for their New Years Meal.

A enjoyable evening was has by evertone, especially Jon and his Pasta Bake !

Thailand Quiz - Stubbings - 12th January 2002

Tom Byrne, Grant Willett, Lee Baker, Phillip Page and Jon Corbitt took part in the group Quiz and got 34 points !

Reading Panto - Aladin - 4th January 2002

Grant Willett joined the Troop to see Aladin at Reading Hexigan.

Christmas Trees

Thanks to everyone who ordered a Christmas Tree.

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