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Summer Camp 1999 - Brecon

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This year during the School Summer Holidays forty members of Pinkneys Green Scout Troop Spent ten days camping on a "Green Field" site, south of Brecon.

The Scouts camped in Patrols, and slept in Storm Haven Patrol tents. Each Patrol cooked their own meals, made up of fresh vegetables and meat, on Wood Fires. The leaders ate with the Patrols.

Brecon 1999 Group Photo
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"Green Field" site means the camp is held in a field with no facilities. i.e. We had to go to the farm (1 mile away) for water, there is no electricity, building etc. All we had were two streams which ran straight of the mountains, and were very cold, grass to camp on. Trees around the site to get the wood we required to use for cooking.

During the Camp we ran three main competitions:

Spare Time Challenges When any Scout had any spare time! they could have a go at completing some of these challenges , over 50. Copy of these available on this web Site click here.

Cooking Competition Each Patrol was given 16, and had to produce a three course meal, cooked on a wood fire.

Camp Competition This is the Main Competition of the camp. Points were awarded for inspections, meals and the Cooking Competition.

This competition ran for the whole length of the camp and there was hard fought competition amongst the patrols

Camp Booklet - To view extracts of the Camp booklet each Scout received - click here

Spare time challenges - The Spare Time Challenges were part of the activities at our Camp in Brecon. Each Scout had a copy in the Camp booklet to view the challenges - click here

The Diary of Our Scout Leader - To read his diary - click here


The following reports have been written by some of the Scouts / Leaders who attended this years camp:

Dropping off Personal Gear and Binding Booklets

On Monday 19th July everyone going on Summer camp had to drop of their personal gear, pocket money and beige shorts at the Scout Hall. When I arrived Simon was binding booklets, there were still lot’s to do so Chris Page (my mum) helped bind the booklets, while me, Kevin and Richard Noden (Noddy) moved all the personal gear into the venture room and then moved all of the food into the hall, there was loads of it (including tuck shop). By now we’re also doing booklets as well.

It was about 10:30pm when the binding was finally finished, and we could go home. So thank you to Chris and Simon for binding the booklets ready for Summer Camp.

Phillip Page

Letter From John Bannerman

To all Scouts, Leaders and Helpers,

Thank you all very much for the get well cards and messages that you sent me. Well, what a way to get out of going to Summer Camp. No seriously I will miss not going to camp this year, as I think that Brecon is one of the best camp sites that we go to. I hope that you are all managing with the food and the unexpected in-house catering. I hope you all enjoyed the hikes and especially the magnificent views from the summit of Pen-Y-Fan. I also hope that you enjoy the horse riding and the gorge walking. Good luck with the Cooking Competition (try not to poison Rebecca) and remember that it is sometimes better to go for a simple menu that all members of the patrol can eat and enjoy at the end, than a fancy sounding menu that takes up too much time preparing and cooking and that no-one likes and it all ends up being thrown away.

Any way enough of me rambling on, I’m sure that you have better things to be doing. good scouting, good camping and most of all good fun

Kind regards


Older Scouts - Advance Party

We arrived at the scout hut at 12 and started to pack the lorry. Eventually it was finished. The lorry left first with Mr. and Mrs. Baker driving . We left next in the Cox Green mini-bus with Bob at the wheel. We were quite noisy at first but it soon got quiet and some jokes were told. We stopped at the Severn Bridge services and played in the arcade . We carried on through one of the mountainous areas of Wales. We went down a country lane but unfortunately the lorry had got lost down the same country lane and we almost smashed into it reversing round a bend but we soon found the right road and eventually we got to the site. We started to unpack . Everyone liked the look of the site with the streams running down each side and trees each side .

It looked great!

Thomas Bennett

Thursday 22 July

The older scouts had spent the night in hike tents but the younger scouts were due to arrive by 12:30. The PL's marked out the patrol sites and we started to set up our sites. The younger scouts were 1 hour and a half late but when the eventually arrived They helped the older scouts to set up the patrol sites. Each patrol had to set up a patrol tent, A dining shelter, a toilet tent and make a fire pit. When we had set everything up and collected all of our equipment we cooked our first meal on a fire which was chicken stew.

All of the patrol sites were arranged around the marquee, which was a mound.

Tom Byrne

My First Evening in Camp

The P.G. Scouts 1999 summer camp, was held in the Brecon Beacons in Wales. When we had finished setting up camp, we were ready for some food. But first we had to collect and cook it. Earlier, we had left two billies and a bread tray in the main marquee, which had been filled when it came to dinner time, so we collected them. We had Chicken Chaser, but I had veggie burgers instead. For dinner we sat on a bench in our patrol site. A leader sat with us, on a chair at the head of the table for each meal, ate the dinner we had prepared and survived! When we had finished dinner we had to wash up. We had a rota so that two people collected wood, two people washed up, two people dried the dishes, etc.

After inspection we were allowed to go to the 'tuck shop' where we could buy sweets and drinks. When the tuck shop closed we were allowed the choice of hot chocolate or going straight to our tents. In my patrol tent we talked for a bit and then fell asleep.

Philip Howell

Damming the stream

We started by piling rocks up in a mound to block the stream. Then we put the tarpaulins over the rocks to stop the water going through. We had to wait a day or to for it to fill up. There was also a sauna made beside the stream. Noddy made the sauna by putting a plastic sheet over a tree and putting rocks to weigh it down. When it was used they made a fire nearby and put rocks in the fire. As soon as the rocks were hot they were taken out of the fire and put in the sauna. Upstream a bit there was a natural slide going into deep water. It was a waterfall really. The waterfall was great fun. We didn’t really need to build the dam as there was already a deep pool but we enjoyed building it.

David King

Dam Building - The First Friday

Today we were doing Dam Building. We walked to a good place to build the dam across the stream and started to build. We made the dam to make a pool so that we could jump in off the bank on the opposite side of the stream. It took us a few hours to completely finish the dam and after that we went swimming in the pool we'd made. It was really good fun and the water was really cold.

Peter Morris

Building the Flag Pole

We built a cool 45 foot tall flag pole. It was made out of three pioneering poles lashed together. Because of its height, we used a different method of putting it up. We used a shear leg to support the main rope and used that to pull the flag pole up. We also had to use two sets of four guys to keep it steady. Lots of Scouts help make the pole. We also had right at the top the field telephone wire (Simon said the phone cable must be at least eight foot of the ground - it was) We flew three flags, the Union, World Scout Badge plus the PG flag.

Peter Bristow


On Friday the 23rd of July while the Pls had the PL's Dinner, the APLs were left in charge of the patrol to see how well they could cope. We were given all the ingredients we needed to cook some corned beef hash. We were given some onions, potatoes, corned beef and some seasoning. We chopped up the onions and we mashed up the potatoes. We then added the onions, the corned beef and the seasoning to the potatoes. We then put the mixture into a frying pan and we fryed it until it was brown. Matthew Weingarth then came over to mark our meal to see how well we did and then he went back to join in with the PLs meal.

Jonathan Sayer APL of Panthers

PL's Dinner

On friday, the third night we had the PL's dinner. At 7.00pm the PL's left their APL's in charge of the patrol to Cook their evening meal. The PL's had Lasange (It was actually BoB's speciality Spaghetti bake) cooked by BoB at the marquee but before that we had melon as starter. The Lasange was a bit crispy but apart from that it was very nice. The meal was followed by profiteroles and chocolate sauce which was even nicer than the main course.

After the PL's Dinner all the Scouts fell in round the flag pole because Jane Taylor (Maidenheads District Commissioner) made a surprise visit to the site from Maidenhead to present Simon with an award for being a Scout Leader for over 25 years. Simon was given a certificate and badge.

After Flag down there was a wide game organised by the SPL's

Jonathan Corbitt PL Falcons

Three Scouts Trip to camp on Friday

(Due to Bucks Schools not finishing till Friday,we went to camp a couple of days after the others).

The door rang and everything was a rush to get ready/ I bought my bags to the car and hopped in. Chris Jones was already there, eating a sherbal lemon. The weather was perfect, the sun was shining and I was in a car. Next we picked up Thomas Ratsakatica after a search which took ten minutes. We were off. It took a long time to get out of England and by the time we got to the bridge I think I was getting on Graham Strouds nerves. We kept ourselves amused by playing cards and eating sweets. Over the bridge and past the bridge tax we got caught up in a traffic jam and Chris Jones used the window as a sweet holder. When I got to camp I was really relived to get out of the car. My feet stank.

Harry Foster-Smith

A Birthday on Camp

On the way to camp,in the mini bus, I was really excited but in another way I felt a bit weird because it was the first time I had been away on my birthday. When we actually got there it was brilliant. I got a couple of presents and a few cards on the day of my birthday and I got a big cookie cake that we all shared out but when it got to the evening I got a bit home sick but the next day I was fine. It was great fun and I really enjoyed it. Also at one of the ceremonies (Flag break) every one sung happy birthday to me.

It was a great nine days and I really enjoyed them,thanks to every one who made it so good.

Chris Corbitt

The day hike up Pen-Y-Fan

We set off for our hike up Pen y-Fan at 10:00 am. It took us about twenty minutes to get to Pen y-Fan in the mini-bus. After just 10 minutes there was a big gap between the boys at the back and the boys at the front. Bob said that the leader must all ways be able to see the boy at the back so boys did not get left behind. About half way up the mountain there was a little stream where everybody stopped and washed their feet, some boys had some of their packed lunch as well.

The other group beat us but they did have the shorter route. When we got to the top of the mountain we all had our packed lunch, which the leaders prepared. We could see our campsite at the top of Pen y-Fan.

We took the alternative route down the mountain which took only two hours. At the bottom was quite a deep stream which I had a paddle in while the others made the last bit of their trek. We all had an ice cream afterwards, then finally we went back to the campsite for the cooking competition.

Chris Jones

Younger Scouts Hike

We left the camp at about 11am to go on a mountain hike up Pen_Y-Fan. When we got there it was about 11.30am. After walking for about 10 minutes people were all ready falling behind and after several stops, we got to about half way and we stopped at a stream to refresh our selves. After that the hill got a lot steeper and I needed my lunch. About an hour later after twenty stops we got there but just as I was about to eat my lunch a sheep went and got it. So I had nothing to eat. The way back down was much lest strenuous and when we got down we were all allowed an ice cream (The best bit).

Oliver Blumfield

Night Hike - Older Scouts

The older Scouts went on a night hike. We left the camp site at about 2.00pm. Just after we split into our two teams, each with a radio walkie talkie (A proper one with a licence) TRIG ONE led my Graham Stroud with the APL's and another group TRIG TWO led by Matt Weingarth full of PL's. It took about six hours pain staking hours until we arrived at the site and within about 15 minutes Adam Baker had already fallen into the stream at about 9.00pm the flies which attacked us all. After a short sleep we were up at about 6.00am and had breakfast. Ready to leave at 9.00am we left fairly prompt in our two groups and it wasn't long before we got a quarter of the way, when we walked into cloud. It was damp and suddenly everything was cold, for the next three hours we were back at the campsite. Everyone had a long rest.

Jon Corbitt PL Falcons


Scouts Own Service

This year Scout's Own was conducted by Adam Baker, Senior Patrol Leader. as normal the service was made up of prayers and a hymn which was "Morning Has Broken". The prayers were read out by all the PL's and APL's, everyone was supposed to sing the hymn.

Straight after the Scout's Own everyone got ready for the Troop Photograph which we have every summer camp. After 5 minutes Simon shouting at noisy Scouts we finally got the photo. Them Matthew Weingarth made everyone do some animal impressions such as preying mantess, stag, bull, crab and goldfish in front of the camera.  Afterwards we got changed and carried on Scouting!

Grant Willett PL Panthers

The First Camp Fire

We had the first campfire on the evening of Sunday 25th. The fire started off quite well but after 30 minutes or so it went collapsed and started to go out. At the campfire we sang: -

‘ Campfire’s burning’

‘ Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’

‘ If you’re happy and you know it’

‘ I ziga Zumba’

‘ You’ll never get to heaven’

‘ Ging Gang Gooli’ and

‘ Cum ba yah’.

My favourite song was ‘You’ll never get to heaven’ which went on for hours 10 minutes. The campfire lasted for an hour then we went to bed. Most people enjoyed it and I thought it was a great end to the day.

Tom Ratsakatika

Gorge Walking

The day came when we went gorge walking, at first I thought it would be like caving but I was wrong. We got to the place, and we were given our lunch by Simon someone said "good job Simon didn't eat it" then we were off.The first challange was to climb round the edge cliff. The second challange we had to climb across a tree and swing down, then it was the worm hole which we had to climb up in the drak and slide down. Then we climbed a hill when we got to the top we came to a waterfall which you could crawl round the back of and jump off on the other side.We could go swimming if we wanted.If not they had to walk the people who went swimming went on a water rapid slide when we had finished that we went in a mud pool.When we had finshed that we went to loonys leap and had a swim in there when we had finshed we went back.

Luke Hoggarth

Gorge Walking

We started the day with quite a long journey in one of the mini buses. When we got there Matt Weingarth and Noddy fancied one of the instructors. Unfortunately they were in a different group to them. First we went and climbed round some rocks with a stream behind us. So if we fell off we would get wet. After that we went to this dead tree that we slid round to the worm hole next a dark long side going up wards. It was really slippy.Then we slipped down a long hole Then off to a waterfall that we crawled under and jumped off at the other side into really cold water. Now it was time for lunch which was sandwiches, crisps, apple and biscuits. Then about a five mile walk to a stupid activity called mud baths. Where you run through really deep mud. That was pointless. Then off to Looneys Leap. There is a small jump and a even bigger jump for the looneys all of these jumps were in to water. After looneys Leap a small ten minutes walk back to the car park. It was a really brilliant day and we would like to thank Simon for organising it for us.

David King

Wide Games and other Games

The first wide game we played was with a small water pistol. There were two lines either end of the field and one team started off with the water pistol. You had to get past the line at the other end of the field but the other team had to take down and search as many people as they could, then get to the other end of the pitch. Another game was when the stream had been damned we all went down were jumping in of high rocks and going down the natural slide. The water was ffff ff freezing.

Josh Byrne

Pony Trekking

It was a ten-minute journey from camp to the stables where we were going to go Pony trekking. Our instructor took us out of the stable and told us how to get on our horse and make it walk. We were given helmets and allocated horses. My horse was grey and called Tennessee. We were led into the schooling ring and mounted our horses.

After a little trot around the ring we set off trekking. We were led out of the ring and out on to the road (where most of our horses lost interest and started eating). We went along the road and up on to a rocky path, which led us up on to a hill. The view was excellent. After we had trotted around the hill we went back to the stables. We dismounted our horses and got on the mini bus and back to camp we went.

Andrew Wilcox

Cooking Competition

At Summer the PL's & APL's are given 16 to go into town and spend it on a three course meal for the Patrol and a judge. This year we invite Rebecca Godfrey our GSL to visit camp as an Honourary Guest and Judge this special meal with Richard Noden. After pony Trekking we were sent out into town for an hour to buy our food. In the whole of the town we could only find four corn on the cobs, when we needed eight, this caused a few problems, but in the end we coped.

When we arrived back at the site, we had two hours to get our meal ready. The judges came around after about fifteen minutes, to see how we were getting on and to collect our menus. we were all given a slot when our meal had to be ready if we were late we lost points.

I was cooking Corn On The Cob, followed by Kebabs and rice, followed by fresh fruit salad. This was a great success apart from the kebabs fell apart, so it turned into a mixed grill. We were on time, our Patrol table was laid with a table cloth , menu and special decorations. The corn was cooked so we called the judges and began to eat, it was lovely. Then came the main course, it was OK apart from it was slightly greasy, the our fresh fruit salad which was scrumcious. We did not get the results to the next day (as my patrol decided to go to bed)

The results were announced at morning flag break, 5th were Eagles, fourth were Cobras, third were Falcons, second were Panthers, Then it was announced that SWIFTS my Patrol were the winners. We would like to thank Rebecca Godfrey for popping in to camp specially to Judge this meal.

Kevin Yearly PL Swifts

A Camp Fire

It was a warm night and everyone was near the stream at the Brecons. We were sitting round the blazing fire singing songs and eating sweets we had bought at the tuck shop. It was exiting with all the new songs we learnt; even Simon enjoyed it, (especially Deep And Wide).

Barry was there to collect the wood and help me collect some, for my patrol from the woods. There were quite a few campfires but the first one was the best because everyone was there. We sang songs like Crazy Moose (Which was made up by T R), Camp Fires Burning, Head, shoulders, knees and toes and many more. It was great fun and everyone enjoyed it.


Spare Time Activities

Each Scout had their own copy of the Troops Summer Camp Booklet, which is produced every year, the book is over thirty pages and contains details about the camp, including, camp routine, programme, camp fire songs, copy of inspection sheets, map of the area, plus spare time challenges.

There were over fifty Spare Time Challenges. Scouts could do any Spare Time Challenge, when they had some free time and the PL said it was alright. Some of the challenges would only take a couple of minutes, others would take over an hour and need the whole patrol to complete.

I think the winners of this years competition will receive their prize of an Ammo Tin later this year at our parents evening.

Jon Corbitt

Camp Sports

Loads of sports were arranged for the Summer Camp. These included: 100 metres, Wellie throwing, Cable throwing, 400 metres discus and the water relay. The water relay is a timed race between each patrol that involves passing a full bucket of cold water along a line of people who are standing in a stream. The winning patrol is the one who spilt the least water and finished the course quickest. The start of the relay was in the deepest water and so anyone under 1.5 metres (like me) was underwater! Most of the race was spent either failing over or refilling buckets when the leaders weren't looking. A lot of people got very wet before the race even started.

In the athletics events, a heavy wellie that flew off, out of control nearly hit one leader. Our patrol, Eagles, won the water relay and the athletics. It was great fun and we all enjoyed taking part. No one was bothered if you didn't do too well. I'm looking forward to next year's camp and taking part in the athletics and water relay and still being in the winning team.

Oliver Styles.

APL Trading Post

When Simon asked me to run the APL Trading Post, I looked at him and thought "what is an APL Trading Post?" I soon discovered it involved trading imaginary money for goods which would aid scouts to complete a number of set tasks. I set to work designing a new PG note (A Brecon Bull) to be used as our money. My next task was to decide on the challenges which had to involve a basic scouting skill. I decided on a stretcher obstacle course in which an injured scout had to be carried on a stretcher in and out of a number of obstacles. There was also a compass course, where the scouts had to follow a number of bearings. Another challenge was to light a trangia (sort of a mini stove). There was also a fire building challenge and a first aid course.

The PLs ran the bases along with Matthew Weingarth and Richard Noden who ran the first aid challenge and staged a mini accident. The APLs were put in charge of the patrols for the challenges which were marked on team work, and how well the challenge was completed. Most of the challenges were done well but the first aid course seemed to pose many problems. "Treatment" included poking the victim, kicking at the possible site of injury, laughing (hysterically) but basically not knowing what to do in this type of situation. This helped us to decide that more first aid training will be needed in the future. The final scores: Eagles 1st, Panthers 2nd, Cobras 3rd, Falcons 4th, then needing a lot more training, Swifts.

Adam Baker SPL

Camp Sports & PL Trading Post

The camp sports are traditional, we normally hold them every summer camp. This one began in the morning, Each patrol had to discus who was going to do each event, each patrol had to enter two people in to each class. I was nominated for the Sack race and the rather clouded water relay, which we had never tried before. Before lunch, we gathered to watch the first event of 100 meters, the winner being Kevin Yearly, followed closely by our APL Andrew Tagg, the other event include shot Putt, discus, long jump, javelin, 800 meters, Wellie throwing, Tossing a caber, Hammer (Mallet) throwing and finally the Sack Race, which I finished second in. For all these events we used various items we found on camp. We then changed into old cloths, and went to the river where we were told, that we had a full bucket of water that had to be transported down steam, without any scout moving their legs. We should spill as litter water as possible and get it down stream in the quickest time. We got a fairly good result and went back for lunch. The results were announced that we had won camp sports including the Water relay.

Next we were giving the rules of the APL trading Post. We had a special currency called PG Bulls and to go around activities buying equipment and then using it to gain a profit. The winner was the Patrol with the most PG Bulls at the end. The APLs were in charge of the Patrol. the activities included; Making a Cup of Tea on a Tranger, Using first aid skills at an incident where two people had an accident, making a stretcher and carrying it over an assault course, fire lighting, and a navigation exercise. We later found out we had won the APL Trading post as well (These victories gained us a considerable amount of booty) It was a very successful day for Eagles, which we all enjoyed.

Tom Godfrey (Fudge)

Brecon & District Scout Council

Dear Mr Wheeler,

I have Just completed the visiting to twenty Scout Troop camps, and whilst the camping standards varied from one to the other, one outstanding feature, which I wish to congratulate you on, was your brochure.

Compared with the scrappy bits of paper which I receive from time to time, I was very Impressed with the presentation and content, including some camp-fire songs I haven't heard for years. I thought the Zulu Warrior one had long since been discarded.

I thought your camp deserved a special mention in my Camping Report for 1999, and hope you will convey to your leaders, PL's and Scouts, one simple message - WELL DONE.

Yours sincerely,

A.W. Leanard

Camping Adviser

Trip to the Swimming Pool & Brecon

On the last day of camp we decided to go swimming at the local pool and go shopping in town. We went swimming first. After we were changed we walked in to a half empty pool. It was 3.5 meters deep at the deep end so we could dive in. If you went far enough down when you jumped or dived in your ears popped. All along the side of the pool were rules. about 1 0 of them (a bit safety conscious if you ask me). There was a smaller pool next to the main pool. A medium size slide was accessible in that part of the pool. It was slow and did not impress many people. Before our hour was up in the pool most us were asked to leave (why he sent us out we don't know maybe it was our diving display that didn't impress).

After swimming we went into town. We split into groups of 4 or 5 and caught the free bus into town. We all went in our separate directions. Josh Byrne, Phil Page, Chris Corbitt and I were in a group. We went into Woolworth's first and bought some things like sweets and silly string. Next we tried to find the Army Surplus shop. After walking in the hot sun for what seemed like hours we found it. We all bought one thing. Then we went to a cafe and bought lunch. We visited several other shops then it was time to catch the free bus back to the car park.

Andrew Wilcox

The final Hours of Camp

On the final evening of camp the lorry finally arrived, after we sent Barry out to look for it after dark. It was being driven by Mr & Mrs Bunce. Every one stood around the lanes, field directing the lorry to the HQ area. We loaded the lorry with pioneering poles and Patrol boxes, before going to bed in hike tents, as we had taken our patrol Tents down in the dry. We woke up the following morning and had central breakfast. A Scouter from Furze Platt Scouts, came and asked us if we could help out, by driving back to Maidenhead one of their cars as their Scout Leader Ray Tucker was in Hospital with Appendicitis and they needed someone to drive their mini bus. the lorry was loaded a good old Bob got us Fish & Chips for lunch. We then had to do a litter sweep Matt & Noddy got us down on our hands a knees in our patrol areas. We all got into the mini buses and set of for Maidenhead. But the St Marys School Bus broke down again (3rd time) Thankfully the Noddy Mobile saved the day and Simon sorted the mini bus out. We all had a safe journey home. When we got back to the hall we unloaded the lorry and put all the camping equipment away leaving the Scout hall tidy. The results were announced 5th were Eagles, fourth were Panthers, third were Swifts, second were Falcons and First were Cobras, Lee's Patrol.

I enjoyed the camp and had fun, and a few laughs. I am looking forward to next year and hope we go to Cornwall as the PL's want to do.

Miles Willett

The trip home

Having packed the lorry we were ready to leave. We took a last look around the site as we drove away. however a certain unreliable mini-bus caused us further trouble as we attempted to pull away. The St. Mary's mini-bus broke down again. The battery was flat. Fortunately Simon was - PREPARED. He had some jump leads with him. He had left before us and the St. Mary's bus but Barry called him up and soon we were all on our way. The journey was uneventful except for a death defying race on the last stretch of motorway in which Barry pushed the St. Mary's up to 5Omph but BoB took the lead with a stunning 52mph! We unloaded the lorry with the help of a few parents and went home.

Thanks to all the leaders, parents and scouts who made the camp successful and enjoyable

Bryn Charles.

Tuck Shop

Most evenings we had a Tuck shop at camp. The Tuck shop was run by Adam Baker (SPL) with help from David Rawbone (aSPL). We were able to buy sweets and drinks. If we asked Whens Tuck Shop we were not allowed to have it that day.

The Camp Competition including how inspections worked

My patrol is Cobras. I am PL, James Brunton is APL, with Luke Hoggarth, Philip Howell, Oliver Blumfield, Carl Bunce and Charlie Pagliero.

This was my first summer camp as PL and we were all determined to do well on this camp. A lot of hard work went into making this camp a success. For weeks before, me and the other PLs had been at the scout hall with Simon and the SPLs for all hours sorting out the equipment. Simon had also insisted that we all paint our patrol boxes to put our new equipment in.

At the summer camp in Brecon, we had regular inspections which were carried out by Matthew Weingarth and Richard Noden. As this was the first summer camp for a few of my patrol members, some were not sure quite how to behave for the first inspection but I made sure that they knew exactly what to do for the next one! When a patrol is being inspected we are expected to stand at "alert" and behave in a respectful way to the inspector. We are only allowed to speak when we are spoken to.

Some inspection points were gained by the tent and dining shelter pitch, a tidy tent, the hygienic area, washing up, the wood pile, our personal hygiene, our uniforms had to be hung up neatly, the equipment, good behaviour and having no litter. With other points, a maximum 520 points could be gained at every inspection. Other inspections of meals gained further points - 80 points for breakfast and 80 points for the main meal at the end of the day.

The competition between patrols is quite intense. Every patrol leader wants the glory of winning the camp competition and go on to represent Maidenhead in the County Flag competition. At the start of this camp, we were winning. We had a few set backs but kept our cool. We worked hard and used our heads in difficult situations. We progressed through the 10 days maintaining and increasing our lead. What a team!

Now I have to select a team for the County Flag competition. Anyone who thinks they're up to the job - see me.

Lee Baker PL Cobras


This is report of the inspections from the markers point of view. Matt and I (Noddy) were in charge of marking the patrol sites throughout the camp, but before I go on to report on the quality of inspections I think I should explain the reasons for them: to ensure cleanliness (and therefore health) among the Scouts, to teach basic scouting skills and make sure the site was not totally trashed. The competition was hard fought with all the patrols making a real effort to win. The standard greatly improved throughout the week, with one or 2 scouts actually listening to advice from the markers.

On a final note I was glad to see that the PG standard was still very high, but I think not quite as good as in the old days (but then I would say that).

[Noddy & Richard are both ex PG PL's] Noddy


The following is one of the letters we have received:

Dear Simon,

Thanks a lot for organising the Summer Camp. I had a brilliant time and there were excellent activities. I especially enjoyed gorge walking and Pony trekking.

Thanks again for organising it so well.

A PG First Summer Camper