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Scouts Annual Dinner

This is where the Scouts invite people who have helped the Troop over the past twelve months. On Friday 21st December the PLs invited us to join the guests they had invited.

Then 90 of us scouts sat down and had dinner with our guests. We had prawn cocktail for starters, chicken with rice and veg, then a trifle for desert. We held this dinner to thank every one how help the scouts this year. We had a film quiz were they played music and we had to name them. Nessy handed out gifts to the leaders and did a speech saying how well the leaders were this year. Thanks go to the PLs for inviting us and the leaders who helped cooked the meal

Written by Alex Jones

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Ice Skating Trip

We all met at the farm rd. shops and we were given lifts by scout's parents. After we pushed through the queue we hired our (very tight) skates we started. It was some scouts first time on ice and some people were very experienced. In the mean time Simon and BoB were in the bar, where they wee sorting out the letters for our trip to the Pantomime in Reading. It was good every one liked it. Thank you to all the parents who helped with lifts.

Written by Mark Courtier and Robert Gledhill

Jamboree Training Weekend - 8th-9th Dec 2001

The Unit was split in half with two patrols in either group. My group had been told to arrive at Langley Scouts HQ at 8.30 am where we would be taken into Slough town centre to attempt to raise some money for the Berkshire Contingent. The idea was that some of us would stay by a small base located in the shopping centre whilst the rest of us went around with donation tins, promoting the Christmas wrapping which was being done at the base. After being told off a few times for rattling our tins, we decided to start asking individual people if they would care to make a donation. Some people were very kind and generous, some apologised for their lack of change, some ignored us completely and I'm sure one or two people actually ran away from me for some reason or another. At about 12.00 we went back to our base to find that only 3 people had dared to have the Christmas present wrapped up by our specially trained team. I didn't see the results but I'm sure there were no complaints. A little while later the rest of the Unit arrived. They were coming to take their shift and we were off to do whatever it was they had been doing to make them all miserable. That afternoon we were taken over to Earleywood Campsite near Ascot where we did a few bases on, first aid and public speaking. The day was so busy that I had completely forgotten all about the Disco that had been organised for us and the Scouts going on the Join In Jamboree. It's now Wednesday and my legs are still aching from strutting my stuff on the dance floor. We also had a selection of DVDs to choose from which were being watched through the projector. The choices of the night were Star Wars, The Mummy Returns and (chosen by me, much to everyone's delight) Shriek. I didn't get to sleep for long that night as someone had brought a guitar with them. They were attempting to compose a blues song about trousers. It was awful. I wish I had taken my drum kit.

Breakfast the next morning was sausage sandwiches and spaghetti hoops. After a long tidy up we had Scouts Own and watched a video about the Jamboree Camp in Thailand. We basically had a tour of the site in a short programme. It made us all realise just how lucky we are and how it really is a once in a lifetime experience. We were shown all the equipment that we would be taking with us to Thailand. After a short bout of pioneering we played an interesting game about smuggling. To explain the rules would take too long but somehow Phillip managed to pay me only six pounds for a pair of five hundred pound pistols. I'll hunt you down Phillip! Everyone was just starting to fall asleep when the parents started to arrive. They were shown our equipment and after some debates of where the funds were going, we finally said goodbye and were on our ways home.

Now I just can't wait to get to Thailand!

Written by Lee Baker

The District Night-Hike

On the 16th-17th November, we went on the district night-hike. We were separated into three groups and my leaders were Andrew Tagg and Robert Stroud. There were ten bases but you could skip two. My favourite base was the one where we had to shoot a flaming arrow at a box which blew-up if you hit it. My worst base was a kind of spider's web, we had to get through the holes in it without touching the rope. It was very difficult and none of us managed to do it, but we did get a Pot Noodle afterwards. I would like to thank all the people who were involved in running the event. It was very tiring but worthwhile.

Written by Gwilym Charles

International JOTA and JOTI

The Friday evening before JOTA we had to build a road crossing across the road outside the Scout hall. We used pioneering poles, which had pullies at the top, so we could hoist up the ariel cable, Duncan help us with the lashings, we tied the pole the scout hall side of the road to the metal fence outside the hall, with guy ropes to the scout hall. Simon had put two large flood lights on the roof of the hall to light the road and green. While we were doing the lashings Bob and the PLs loaded the Scout trailer with all the plastic chairs (Which were still at the hall since the parents evening) and took them back to the local farm where we keep them, The pole on the green side of the road had to be tied to the street light, Mark Courtier volunteered to go up the ladder and do it. While this was going on outside, inside the hall six computer had been set up to be used on the internet.

Early on the Saturday morning Phil Bristow set up his masts on the green, which the long wire was secured to. When we arrived on Andrew Tagg had got the computers working on the internet, and the Scouts were using talk rooms and emails to talk to other scouts through out the world. On the radio side Pete Roberts and Phil Bristow were manning the radio station, Simon was busy trying to organise the Cubs and Scouts to do their Communicators badges, as well as updating the PG web site with pictures as they were being taken through out the day, We all had our pack lunches. A lot of other Scouts and visitors came to see what we were doing through out the day. In the evening we had our tea from the local chippie. A lot of scouts, including the four that had been invested on Wednesday, had decided to operate the internet though out the night, with help from Simon. We were lucky that agreed to stay with us, we set up a rota that we could use one of the six computers in three groups, which ment we went on for twenty minutes every hour, this was until Luke broke one of the computers. The younger Scouts started to go to bed after midnight. Simon pulled the plug on the older ones at 5am as they were making to much noise.

At 6am Chris Wilson went off and did his paper round. Simon woke us up at 8.15am. We had breakfast, Suger puffs, Bacon and eggs which the Pls tried to cook. The first PG Cubs started to arrive at 9am, while we were doing the washing up. A lot of Cubs and scouts turned up on the Sunday to do there badges. We carried on operating the radio station and internet till Sunday afternoon, when everything had to be taken down in the pouring rain.

We would like to thank Phil Bristow & Pete Roberts for sorting out the Radio Side and Pete Bristow, Kerry Baker and Adam Gurr for the Internet side and Simon for organising the event being there for the whole weekend, even though he did not get much sleep.

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District Water Activities Weekend - Longridge

When we arrived we set up the tents. After we had done that we had a long break. We then had the wide game. We got split into six groups, A, B, C etc. I was in A. There were six bases. We had to visit each one and get our bits of paper punched after we had successfully completed each base. After that we went back to Longridge and had hot chocolate whilst the role call was being done. It was then bedtime.

The next day after breakfast we got split into about ten groups. I was in group seven. First we had sailing. There was no wind! After that we had kiaking we played lots of wet games.It started to rain just as we got off the water. We had pulling next. We just went for a bit of a row up the river. After that we had dragon boating. It moved quite fast when it got going. After dinner we built stilts. We built them out of cardboard tubes with a bit of short rope tied on to them. We then had the camp fire. We sang a few camp songs. The next day the first activity was pioneering. We just did the few finishing touches. A man volunteered to be first. After wobling round a lot he fell off in the middle. Then we had climbing/caveing. That was quite good. Since it didn't take one and a halve hours, we played rounders for the remainder of the time. Our last activity was artery. That was one of my favourites. We then had lunch, packed up and went home. All in all it was great.

Written by Toby Ayre

District Water Activities Weekend - Longridge

I arrived at 20 past 6 and started putting up our tents at about 6:30pm. After that at about 10o'clock we had Wide Game which lasted for an hour. When we had all got back there was some soup and bread ready to warm us up, then we went to bed.

On Saturday morning breakfast was at 7:15am which meant we had to get up early. Our first activity was at 8:30am. My group had pulling which is the same as rowing. Each activity lasted an hour and a half, which gave us a good time doing them. The activities on Saturday for my group were:Dragon boat racing, caving and climbing, pulling, archery and pioneering. My favioute activity on that day was caving which was realy good fun. Saturday night after supper we had a camp fire and sang songs which was a laugh.

On Sunday we were again up early for breakfast at 7.15 am. We then had alot more activities organised for us. My group had sailing, kayaking and canoeing.

My favourite on that day was kayaking which was great fun. They made us run across the boats, while they were on the water, to the other side which was great.

We started taking the tents at about 1.30 pm so that by the time our parents arrived,the tents were mostly down.

Overall I really enjoyed the weekend with plenty of activities and interesting things to do. I like thistype of weekend and would like to go again.

I would also like to say thank you, to the leaders and helpers for organising it all and making it a great weekend.

Written by Guy Wealthall

District Water Activities Weekend - Longridge

On Friday 8th to Sunday 10th June 100 scouts from the Maidenhead district went on a camp at Longridge. While we where at Longridge we did some water activities like canoeing, dragon boating, rowing and sailing. We went kayaking where most people fell in and we had to kiss the nose of the boat, then almost everyone fell in but the leaders splashed the people who didn't fall in. We also went rock-climbing, absailing, pioneering where we made a rope bridge across the river, caving along a long narrow tunnel (it was so narrow some people had trouble getting through the tunnel), and circus skills where we made juggling balls. The weather was good because most of the time it was sunny.

Written by Chris Mitchell

Troop Camp

We arrived at the campsite at 5:45pm It was quite a warm evening. When I went to my patrol site I found that I was not the first there, all the other Swifths were there, well Miles wasn't there… of course. Before I could put my bag down it was time to put up the tent, we had a little trouble putting the pegs in the dry ground but we got there in the end and the same with the dining shelter. Then it was time to open the patrol box, start a fire and get out our sleeping bag and in a number of hours it was time to go to bed.

We woke up to a cold morning, we got out of our sleeping bags then got dressed.

Before we did any thing else we got a fire going, and cooked breakfast. After we had cooked and eaten breakfast and washed up it was then time for a wash and an inspection. By the time that was finished and we had, had our lunch it was time to start activities such as orienteering and pioneering. We also learnt about and used bush saws, had axes and pen knifes and then fire lighting. Then it was time to start the cooking comp our patrol cooked for starters prawn cocktail, the main course was sausage stew mixed with carrots and onion with mashed potato and then for afters we had stewed apples with peaches and merangues. By the time we had finished our meal and washed up it was starting to get dark so we went played Grant's why game. It was a very good game because one person on the other team had hidden the barrel and didn't tell any body they had it so no body know what team had it. After the game every body was tired so we fell asleep easy.

The next morning we ate breakfast took down the tent and dining shelter and packed our stuff away and loaded the van. We ate our lunch and had a final photo and left the campsite thinking if we had this much fun this weekend how much fun we will have at summer camp?

Written by Paul McCormack
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Pathfinder Training Course

After the scout meeting on the 26th January, 18 scouts stayed overnight as part of a Pathfinder training weekend. When the meeting had finished the 17 scouts split into two groups to go on a hike. Everybody got back safely, with no one getting lost, (Even though we has had snow and heavy rain some roads were flooded) at about 1am in the morning. We had a T.V. to watch and a lot of loud music. After a couple of hours everybody calmed down and went to sleep at about 3:30 (We left Simon sorting out the burst pipe in the toilet) on Saturday morning.

A few hours later we all got up at 8am for the early morning jog. When we got back the hall was full of smoke due to the poor cooking of PLs Lee Baker and Andrew Tagg. Next came the bases. These lasted for a couple of hours. We then all headed down to the woods to light fires and cook our lunch. By the time we were all got back to the hall it was 3pm and everyone clearing up and ready for the afternoons training. In the evening we played stinger and went home around 10pm at night.
Robert Stroud

Pathfinder Hike from Marlow

On the Friday evening after scouts we went on a hike. It had been snowing during Scouts, it had stopped and was know getting very cold.

We were dropped off at West of Bourne End near the Marlow By-pass and had to find our way back to the Scout Hall. We had to use as many footpaths as possible. We walked to the railway bridge at Bourne End, where we crossed the river. While we were on the bridge a train came and we were next to it (on the footpath). When then climbed to the top of Cock Marsh. The view from the viewpoint was brilliant. We had to walk back through very large puddles, the whole of Winter Hill Road was flooded, a car was coming so we all ran (so we did not get soaked). We got back to the Scout Hall we hung up our yellow jackets and changed into shorts and put our trousers on the radiators to dry. We then had hot dogs and chocolate. The other Group who had been walking from Warren Row arrived an hour after us. We then went to bed.
Andy Wilcox & Luke Hoggarth

PLs Meal to thank the Leaders

On Saturday 7th of January, the PL's organised and cooked the leaders meal to say thank you to the Troop leaders for all their hard work that they have put in for the scouts, over the past year.

Each of us was given a course to prepare. Lee Baker made the starter, which was prawn toast, Philip Page and I made the main course, which was sweet and sour chicken and Andrew Tagg made meringues and kiwi fruit for desert.

After a couple of hours my house was invaded by a group of leaders (Simon Wheeler, BoB Weingarth, John Bannerman and Duncan Yearly), fortunately they were our leaders and not someone else's. We all enjoyed the delicious meal with many laughs and bad cracker jokes. After a long day my Mum and Dad were pleased to find that the house was still the way they left it. (With a cooker, and the washing up done).
Grant Willett SPL

Trip to Reading Pantomime

On the 5th of January the scouts went to the Hexagon in Reading to see Cinderella. The scouts met up at Farm Road. Of course there is always someone late, this time it was David King and not the Willett's. When we arrived at the Hexagon we met up stairs and to get some food and drink. During the play while everyone was enjoying them selves, David Godfrey gets a bit to exited and almost fell of the balcony saying BUTTONS! But with the help of his mum, Mrs Godfrey, he lives for another day. After the pantomime we was getting ready to go home. I think every body who went there really enjoyed it, I know I did.
Miles Willett

Troop Christmas Party

The Scouts Christmas party took place on 29th December (between Christmas and Easter) and was organised by the PLs. We played many of the original party games such as Musical Statues and Musical Chairs (The music was supplied by Philip Page). We also played a game where we had to "cut" a Mountain of flour with a sausage in the middle, the unlucky scout to make the sausage fall had to pick up the sausage using their mouth, fortunately I did not suffer. Afterwards, we tucked in to a large party feast, which included crisps, sausage rolls, mince pies, Bottles of fizzy drinks and more!

All the scouts who attended enjoyed themselves, and thanked the PLs their time in organising the event.
Jon Sayer

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