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4th April 2004

The day began with an early start at 7:00 am, yawn! We were driven to Gloucester by Rob and Sandra Ayre. Rob set off at 7:30 to pick up Mark Courtier from his canal boat and Sandra at 8:00 with Toby Ayre, Harry Ayre and Rhys Howell.

When we got there, we were told which tables to use, and we started setting up. We were given a briefing about safety, judging times, the tap, bins etc. After that, we started dead on time at 10:30 (unusual for Scouting!).

The first thing we did was get some washing up water. After that, we each started preparing different parts of the meal. I did the cake; Harry did the fragrant Thai broth and marzipan carrots for the cake; and Rhys and Mark did the stir fry.

It seemed to go quite well for us, although other teams did have some mishaps along the way. One team's billie caught fire whilst they just stood there staring at it, and one team dropped their whole main course on the floor!

We did have a few little debates along the way about how things should be done, but the meal turned out well in the end. The table decoration looked great (picture on website), and the food was of a high standard too.

We were a few minutes late with the stir fry because the water from the noodles kept bubbling over the side of the pot. We may have lost a few marks for timing, but we made up for it in other areas. I think the judges were impressed with our meal.

After Rhys had finished his carrot cake (third portion!), we started to clear up and wash the dishes. We were very tight for space, but we managed it.

When all the teams had cleared up, it was prize giving. It started with a de-brief, and then the results were announced. It was a very tense few minutes. They started with the team in ninth place, and went all the way through to the winners.

We beat the other Berkshire team (who beat us by 3 points in the last round), by about 40 points. We came third overall, which was pleasing.

It was a great day out, and hopefully next year we'll do even better.

Report by
Toby Ayre

My First Ice Skating Trip
5th December 2003

Mrs Bunn kindly picked us up and took us to Slough ice arena (I think she deserves an invite to the troop dinner). We waited outside anxiously until we where told to go in. When we got inside we gave our shoes to a helper and he gave us "ice skates." When all the scouts were ready one by one we went on the ice and one by one we all fell over ,some more often than others, but Mrs Bunn took real good care of us.(I really think she deserves an invite to the troop dinner) When we got used to it, it was "wicked." I didn't think I could go so fast but it was still great FUN! The two hours went really quick and soon it was time to go, but nobody wanted to leave. Tom,Jamie and I flopped into Mrs Bunny's car totally exhausted and Mrs Bunn drove us home.(I really, really think she deserves an invite to the troop dinner) Would anybody be interested in watching a real Ice Hockey game. If so we can ask Simon if it is possible.

Report by
Harry Wright

Older Scout Activity Weekend
21st-22nd November 2003

We arrived at scouts, and then as everyone else was leaving from the normal scout meeting we got our gear out and got ready for the weekend. Shortly after every one had gone we set of for a "short stroll" which lasted the best part of two hours. When we got back we had hot chocolate and hot dogs while watching "Children in Need". We went to sleep shortly after someone made the comment "we should have burgled Terry Wogans house as he was on TV".

The next morning we got up, had breakfast and went indoor rock climbing at Brunell Sports University. I wasn't very good at it but enjoyed it all the same. When we got back we had lunch and started to prepare tea, rabbit stew. We had three rabbits and skinned them all. While they were cooking we went down to the woods and had a fire.

We ate tea at five o'clock and played stinger. This was a brilliant weekend and go next time if you didn't go this time!!!

Report by
Gwilym Charles

District Incident Hike
14th November 2003

The night started off in the scout hut where we sorted out teams and got ready. In my team there was Harry Ayre, Alex Jones, Nick Ellis, Harry Johncox and Ali Goldsmith. We drove to Chisbridge Farm NW of Marlow. We were doing the route clockwise. We started off walking a couple of kilometre to base 5 where you had to get across a "minefield" blindfolded with the other people in the group directing you. Only one person managed to get across safely. Everyone else had their legs blown off.

We then walked to Copy Green where we had to put five peanuts into a bowl using chopsticks. Everyone found it fairly easy. After that, we walked down a very narrow footpath where most people almost fell over quite a few times. At the bottom was base 7 where you had to successfully make a simple origami object. Everyone apart from Ali did a banger. He made quite a good crown. There was also hot chocolate there which was basically just hot brown water!

After that we walked up a fairly steep hill to base 8 where we had to pass an 80 word message on to each other and the last person ran back and told the person running the base what the message was. We got 40 words right which isn't too bad.

Then we walked up to Little House Farm on the edge of Marlow where base 9 was. At base 9 we had to make an A frame and put a bench on the bottom bar for someone to crawl along to get a first aid box. Four other people tried to crawl along the bench to get the box, but it kept on swinging away; so when I stepped on everyone suddenly looked worried, but surprisingly I managed to retrieve the box! After that we went down a steep hill that Borlaise boys have to run up. Hehe! At the bottom of the hill we had to go through Davenport Wood. It was quite hard to navigate through because the paths weren't very clear, but we managed! Cookham scouts ran base 10 which was mainly just there as a food base. We did however have to do a very easy challenge where Ali was a shepherd and we were all blindfolded sheep which he had to round up into a small pen.

At base 1 me and Alex had to direct everyone else who was blindfolded to put up a force tent. The blindfolded people said it was very hard. Base 2 was a touch and smell base. We got 10/14. At base 3 we all had to go on very big "skis" and ski 5 metres and then back. At was very hard to get a rhythm going, but once we did, it was fine. We did it in about 5mins 30secs.

After that we went back to where we started - PG's base. Two people were blindfolded and they had to take a wheel off the trailer and put it back on the other side. It was really hard to align the wheel up with the bolts properly but it was fine after that.

After we finished, Simon made us scolding hot hot chocolate that melted the spoon!

A great time was had by all!

Report by
Toby Ayre

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